What You Should Know About The Divorce Procedure

Going through a divorce can take a toll on you, emotionally and financially. However, you know that you are doing right by your decision to legally separate from your spouse. That is why you must understand the process you will have to go through, even if you are working with divorce lawyers.

The Divorce Petition

Every divorce process begins with a petition. It will include vital information regarding the marriage – the husband, the wife, the children, and the states if the family has any properties. The petition also provides information about child custody as well as child/spousal support.

Serving the Petition

The “service of process” is when the divorce papers are served on to the other spouse. If both spouses agree to the divorce in a situation, the other will only need to sign the acknowledgment of receive fo service. On the other hand, if the other spouse refuses to cooperate and sign, hiring a professional process server might be necessary.

You have to remember that once this part is taken care of, the states’ waiting period starts. It will also set the automatic restraining orders and establish the date of separation. Also, spouses will no longer be permitted to take any of their kids out of state,some reasons for property disputes are sell joint properties, and borrow against the property. Borrowing or selling insurance initially set for the other spouse will not be allowed at this point.

The Response

The other spouse or the “respondent” will have the opportunity to file a response to the petition to inform whether he or she agrees. It will show that both parties are agreeing to the divorce process. Doing so will most likely skip the court hearing, which is usually the cause of delay of the divorce procedure, which also makes it more expensive. The court will give the other spouse thirty days to file a response before the petitioner can request a default to be entered. This is also the chance for the responding spouse to disagree with the petition papers’ information.

Divorce Procedure: The Final Steps

Once the court decides, the divorce procedure singapore is final. That is why both spouses need to disclose valid information about their assets and liabilities, and expenses will also be noted. If, in any case, that the divorce is uncontested and both parties agree on the terms, a bit of paperwork is needed before a decision is made. Remember that both spouses will not be able to remarry until the end of the states’ waiting period. A course hearing or a trial might be required in case disputes are not resolved.

If you think that you are finally ready to start the divorce process, go ahead and get in touch with your trusted divorce lawyer. Pick one that offers a free consultation to discuss your situation briefly, so you and the lawyer are on the same page. Again, ensure that you pick a divorce lawyer that you are comfortable to be working with. You will have to discuss personal matters, so you need someone to trust and handle similar situations in the past.