Business Tips for Going Green

All kinds of businesses utilize energy and produce significant wastes every day. There is already a movement towards a greener community to address these kinds of problems. The initiatives from different sectors to participate in green practices aims to reduce pollution to achieve sustainability. If you are an entrepreneur, there are business tips for going green that you can follow to contribute in your little way. Here is the list of tips for going green that your business can adapt.

A. Implement Green Office Policies

  • Ensure that your employees are going green

One of the keys to achieving sustainability in a short period is by encouraging all employees to participate in doing green practices. Conducting seminars, workshops, company meetings, and disseminating training videos on how to be green will help in delivering the message. These strategies will make employees knowledgeable about the rules and guidelines that the company wishes to impart.


  • Incentivize green practices

Employees will be more motivated to practice green practices if it is incentivized. Incentives are not only in terms of monetary. When the company hits the target for green practices, they can throw a party or outing to celebrate the green transformation. This is another way of ensuring that each of the employees takes a part in achieving sustainable goals.

  • Conserve energy and water

This is one of the tips for going green that is commonly practiced anywhere. Business establishments that wish to save money on bills should have the initiative to conserve energy and water usage. Just by simple ways of turning off the lights and appliances when not in use and finding ways on how to recycle water will make a big leap in decreasing those utility bills.

  • Start Recycling

One of the challenges of companies every day is waste accumulation. Having some recycling practices will not only reduce waste but will help in cleaning the surroundings. When things can no longer be recycled, see to it that it is disposed of properly, especially those that are electronically-based products that may cause harm when disposed of incorrectly.

B. Reduce Office Energy Consumption and Waste

  • Use solar/renewable energy

The utilization of renewable energy equipment such as solar panels is the best way to lessen the use of energy to reduce electricity bills. However, not all businesses can afford to install this type of green technology. With the growing green energy market, going solar is a beneficial way to save money while helping the environment. It might take months or years to get a return of investment but the sure thing is that the business will gain something positive.

  • Move towards using digital storage instead of paper

In most businesses, papers are the leading trash contents. The only way to reduce paper waste is to shift into digital storage. Instead of having hard copy documents, a business can start storing data digitally. This will not only keep all files organized but it will also reduce clutter and free up space.


  • Evaluate and replace equipment that utilizes much energy

Nowadays, high tech devices and equipment have energy-saving and pollutant reduction properties that make it more efficient. Old machines tend to use up more energy and it is no longer efficient when it comes to fast and smooth usage. Inspect each equipment and devices in the office and evaluate which are the ones that need to be replaced. These will not only let the business save up more energy but it will increase productivity.

C. Engage with the Community in Supporting Environmentalism


  • Network with other green-focused companies

It is always ideal to influence other businesses to go green. Collaborating with other companies that also implement green practices will allow the business to get the best practices that are not yet being implemented. Partnering with other organizations will also help in building healthy relationships with other businesses that may promote your products and services.

  • Encourage the community to participate in green activities

Businesses that are successful in implementing green practices in their turf may start encouraging the communities around them as well. The most common engagement activity that large corporations get involved in is organizing events such as clean-up drives. A company doesn’t need to have a lot of capital to let the community involved. With the use of social media, they can disseminate the activities that they are planning so they can encourage people.

  • Invest in green technology

There is an increasing number of corporations that invest in green development. The future of green technology is prospering that is why companies that want to venture into green technology will for sure have a return of investment. Investments always have risks that is why it is important to research the best green technology suitable for your business budget.

D. Use Environmentally Friendly Office Products

  • Buy products that will last

It is ideal to purchase office supplies that are more expensive but durable than cheap but flimsy items. Always consider long-term investments by choosing high-quality products. Buying items that won’t last will not also cost a lot of money but it will also add up to the waste.

  • Use cleaning agents that are not environmentally destructive

Aside from office supplies, make sure that the cleaning materials used in the office are also eco-friendly. Choosing eco-friendly cleaning products are safe to use that will not harm the health of the one who’s using it as well as the environment.

  • Reuse office supplies

Encourage employees to always practice the 5R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and Refuse) even in using office supplies. As much as possible, only buy things that can be reused. Take good care of the company’s supplies, only take out the supplies that are needed.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of tips for going green that can be implemented in a business. If there is an initiative from both employers and employees, the goal to achieve sustainability can be obtained easily. These tips for going green are just simple steps but can make a difference.