Types of primary archery bows that you should know

From time immemorial, archery has existed as a great help for mankind. This has always been an important part of an ancient civilization. Now, this has become a famous sport and hobby too.This ancient and unique sport needs arrows and primary archery bows to get the job done. Since archery is widely spread all across the world, they have also seen a lot of upgrading with time.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it is good to know the basic types of primary archery bows. This can help you to make a wise decision when you buy one like this if you want to get leatest update of cricket then you should visit 10cric Review India.

Basic types of primary archery bows

Generally, there are six types of bows found in the market today. Below are the available types along with their history, shape, and composition of the bow.

  • Recurve bow

In earlier times, these were the bows that horsemen used in battles. Today, this is mainly seen in the Olympics.The shape of the bow is as its name suggests. The limbs’ tip curve outwards and the limbs center curves inwards.

This is a great choice for beginners because this doesn’t need too much physical strength to work from the user. Its unique configuration gives more power when used. This bow has an arrow rest, a string, bow limbs, and a riser.

Even experts can use this with extra features like stabilizers and pressure buttons to gain more experience.

  • Takedown Bow

This is another form of recurve bow but this bow’s limbs are easy to remove for storage purposes. This is a cheaper bow which offers good user-friendliness. Even if any of its components break, you can get a replacement easily.

  • Longbow

When compared to other bows available commercially, this type is longer than all. Some of the longbow’s length can equal the archer’s height. This is a rich traditional bow with its roots dating back to 13 C.E. This type is more preferable for experts because they don’t have speed or arrow rest.

  • Reflex bow

This bow has its arms curved facing away from the user. If you remove the reflex bow’s strings, the entire structure will fold inwards to resemble a C-shape.

A reflex has curved arms, which face away from the archer throughout their length. This is how it differs from a Recurve bow, in which only the tips of the limbs face outward. The shape and structure give the archer a tremendous advantage to shoot arrows with high velocity.

  • Yumi bow

This forms an integral part of the Japanese culture and is a part of their archery called Kyudo. The Yumi bow was initially used by samurais during combat. The earliest version was of wood, leather, and bamboo.

Today, the modern version is of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and lacquered bamboo. The Yumi bow and longbow are similar in length.

  • Compound bows

This type got invented during the 17th century. This uses levering techniques like pulleys and cables to bend the limbs. The limbs are stiff making them energy-efficient. It is user-friendly and improves your accuracy.


No matter what kind of archery lover you are, learning about the primary archery bows will surely deepen your appreciation for it. Unlike other sports that came recently, this one is full of culture and tradition.