Reasons Why To Choose Viking 22 Boat For Trip

The Viking 22 is a modern and robust coastal cruiser designed with a planing hull that offers sailors a sporty capability in addition to the ability to use a trailerable craft in both coastal and inland locations. It comes with a very classy and modern interior design that not only looks good but is fully functional. It houses a decent size toilet and shower area, a forward V-shaped berth that can be transformed into a comfortable double bed, an excellent L-shaped galley, and additional space for the accommodation of two more berths in the mid-cabin. Windows are adorned with ship aluminium venetian blinds to complete its luxurious inside space. Let’s dive in and get to know why Viking 22 can be a great choice for your next boat trip.

Why choose a Viking 22 boat for your trip?

It allows you to arrange a group trip: The Viking 22 interior can accommodate upto four persons in two separate sleeping areas. The cabin has a large seating area that can easily be converted into a decent-sized double berth and a generous double berth beneath the cockpit floor with an opening window to the cockpit. Therefore, a group of four can easily get on to it to enjoy a long trip. 

It has a mini-kitchen and a toilet: You would definitely want to use the toilet at some point during the trip, and you can’t sail off to the harbour just for that. The Viking 22 has a toilet compartment with a cassette toilet, a foldaway sink, and a shower opposite the galley. In addition, it has a stainless steel sink, a four-burner gas hob, and a fridge. 

The boat’s exterior is sturdy, and you can access solar energy: The boat features a gel coat exterior toughened by chopped strand matt. The fittings on the exterior are made completely from stainless steel, and the side decks of the boat are approximately 6 inches in width. A stainless steel pulpit surrounds the bow, and there are sturdy handrails on the cabin top. What is more! The boat has two solar panels that have been attached to the cabin roof to facilitate the fast charging of batteries while you are on board. 

You can go sailing in winter: Winter sailing is always challenging due to adverse weather conditions and low temperatures. If you want to go on a boating trip in the winter season, the Viking 22 is a great choice. The boat is equipped with an electric cabin heater to help you stay toasty warm and cosy in your sailboat when the temperatures outside are dropping. The presence of a heater inside the cabin will turn your trip into a more pleasant and fulfilling experience by keeping the interior of the sailboat warm and comfortable. The boat also features a water heater, so you don’t have to worry about having to use cold water when sailing during winter. 

It has an outboard engine: The Viking 22 is fitted with an efficient Honda 4-stroke outboard petrol engine. The advantages of this outboard engine include better versatility, more room on board, easier access for maintenance, and more efficient power. Even though outboard engines need as much maintenance as inboard engines (as they have similar components like water-cooling systems and pumps), the good thing is that the engine is more accessible, making the maintenance process a lot easier. 


The Viking 22 is an ideal boat for weekend getaways, day trips, and holidays. Owing to its excellent build and quality construction, the boat has successfully retained its reputation even after all these years. Make sure to carry all the things with you that you will need on the boat trip and have a wonderful gateway.