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Types of Bathroom Vanities that are Both Elegant and Practical 

Unorganized bathrooms, irrespective of their sizes, are a big turnoff. Not only do they block the real beauty of the bathroom, but they also give a dirty appearance. Besides, it’s very difficult to clean unkempt cluttered bathrooms. It clearly brings down the hygiene quotient as well. A simple addition of the right vanity can resolve all these problems single-handedly. Want to explore the options that are available and the things you should know before purchasing a bathroom vanity? We have all the answers and we have compiled them in this guide. Dive in! 

Things You Should Know About Bathroom Vanities Before You Make a Purchase 

The basic function of a bathroom vanity, undoubtedly, is decluttering the area and making it look bigger and brighter. However, the size of the vanity should be according to the size of the bathroom. Some such basics that’ll help you pick the vanity that’ll resolve the problem of space, not add to it, are as follows. 

  1. A vanity that’s 24″ wide is the figure you should stick with if your bathroom is small. 
  2. For a regular-sized bathroom, a 30″-36″ vanity is sufficient. 
  3. A 42″ vanity is perfect for a medium-sized bathroom. 
  4. A big spacious bathroom looks brilliant with a vanity that ranges between 48″-60″.

Bear in mind, never ignore the size guidelines. That’s the only way you’ll be able to find a vanity that’ll make your bathroom practical and organized. 

Types of Bathroom Vanities that You Can Buy 

  1. Vanities for Small Bathrooms 

There are basically two types of vanities that look brilliant in a small bathroom: the floating vanity and the Vanity Cabinet.

  • Floating Bathroom Vanity – It’s a wall-mounted vanity that frees up the entire space on the floor. It makes the area look bigger and cleaning the corners of the floor is much easier too. 
  • Vanity Cabinet – It has a simple pull-out drawer design that’s elegant and minimalist. It gives enough space to store essentials and towels. It can also be used as a storage option in regular-sized bathrooms. 
  1. Vessel Vanity

This is a spectacular option for big bathrooms where space isn’t an issue, obsolete interiors and clutter are! A vessel vanity is stylish and similar to the artistic vanities you find in A-class hotels. It has 2 sink bowls on top of the vanity with separate drain pipes. Needless to say, the entire space inside the vanity cabinet is, thus, exclusively for storage purposes. 

  1. Under-Mounted Vanity 

This vanity can be used for medium-sized as well as big bathrooms. The two countertop basins are engraved inside the vanity. That’s the basic difference between this vanity and the vessel vanity where the countertop basins are not inside the vanity but on top of it. 

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