Self-Storage: 10 Tips to Organise and Maximise Your Storage Rental Space in Singapore

When people think of storage units, they typically envision them stuffed to the brim with items. Full trash bags and suitcases. Different-sized boxes store items. Laundry baskets overflow. The objects are haphazardly stacked on top of one another, defying gravity. But in reality, not all self storage units in Singapore are disorganised. Some are made spotless and planned to ensure that stored items. Whether personal or business, they are secure and easy to access.

Here are ten ways to make the most of your storage rental in Singapore:

1. Select the appropriate storage facility and unit size.

Choosing a self-storage facility with superior amenities that make you feel at ease about storing your belongings is the first step toward the best storage experience. Consider climate-controlled units, drive-up access, and 24-hour video recording to simplify your moving and storage experience. Some provide various unit sizes at numerous storage facilities across the country to meet your requirements. It is essential to find a unit size that will accommodate your belongings. Companies have a size guide that provides unit size dimensions, graphics and images to help you visualise each storage rental size in Singapore.

2. Map your unit.

Before packing or storing, it is essential to inspect your storage unit and formulate a plan. Create a map on a piece of paper detailing where everything will go. And it makes it easier to stack boxes when moving items into the storage unit. Scoping your storage beforehand is a way to determine whether the size of a storage space rental you’ve selected will provide enough extra space for your needs and allows you to anticipate potential problems before you move your belongings into the unit.

3. Dismantle furniture.

It requires effort, but best believe that disassembling bulky furniture is the best way to save space. Large pieces of furniture, such as beds and dining sets, consume a significant amount of space in a small or medium-sized unit, leaving gaps that are too small or of an awkward shape to accommodate anything else. When you pay for every square foot of a storage space rental, you cannot afford to have so much wasted space! When furniture is disassembled and packed in flat boxes, space utilisation increases. Keep all hardware together and store it alongside your furniture in the storage unit.

4. Clean the unit thoroughly.

Even though you should only work with a self-storage facility that maintains clean units, it never hurts to go the extra mile to ensure that your belongings are in a dry, clean environment. Sweep the floor to remove all dust and dirt, then mop or scrub it with an all-purpose cleaner. Examine the walls, corners, and ceilings for leaks and cracks. Notify the storage space rental company if you see any.

5. Utilise hollow spaces and soft items.

Stacking items is a thrifty and ingenious way to conserve space in your storage space for rent in Singapore. Desks, suitcases, and dressers that are hollow are ideal for storing additional items. Soft items such as bedding, pillows, and comforters can serve as padding between fragile objects. You are packing optimally by finding a place to store the bedding and cushions and adding a protective layer for sensitive items. Clothes, jackets, and bedding can take up less space in boxes by vacuum-sealing.

6. Include shelving in your storage unit.

Add shelves on top of pegboards to increase storage space vertically. You can store small kitchen appliances, shoes, and trinkets near the top of a storage space rental. If the air near the ceiling becomes hot in the summer, do not place flammable items on the upper shelves. Also, avoid placing what you may need to access frequently up high.

7. Vacuum-seal as many items as possible.

Everything that can be vacuum-sealed must have it! It is possible to vacuum-seal items made of fabric, such as comforters, sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, clothing, and winter coats. You will be astounded by how much they shrink! Additionally, you can pack them in boxes much more efficiently to conserve space in your new storage space for rent in Singapore.

Perhaps you enjoy vacuum-sealing food and have too much to store in your pantry. Place it within your storage space rental! Using climate-controlled storage units to keep excess food is a great way to free up space in your home if you have selected this option. In addition, with 24/7 access units, you can retrieve them any day or night.


8. Invest in sturdy storage containers.

Stacking is easier with uniform, sturdy containers. Unevenly sized boxes create an unbalanced stack prone to toppling, and your entire unit will appear chaotic. Experts of storage solutions in Singapore advise using stackable portable containers of uniform size and shape to avoid mishaps. Make room for everything with this clever storage solution.

9. Avoid stacking boxes if possible.

Boxes will likely be stacked to maximise the use of vertical space. It is acceptable, but it makes it more difficult to access the boxes at the bottom of your storage space for rent in Singapore. Place boxes containing less-frequently-used items on the bottom if they are heavier and more durable.

10. Create an inventory.

Record not only what you placed in your storage unit, but also where you placed it. When you need something, you will easily recall its location. And take pictures of everything you store and maintain an organised spreadsheet to keep track of the items as you add and remove them from the storage unit.

Think creatively and utilise every square inch of the unit, including the walls and overhead space. Most individuals utilise only the floor space of a storage rental in Singapore, ignoring valuable space such as the walls. Remember to install pegboards along the walls to create additional space for hanging lightweight items such as bags and tools. Add shelves on top of pegboards to maximise the unit’s vertical space. These shelves are ideal for storing small kitchen appliances, stationery, picture frames, and other miscellaneous items. Additional space in your long-term storage unit is also ideal.

For quality storage solutions in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact SelfStore Pte Ltd for inquiries related to storage rental.