How to buy the right snow guard for your roof

Snow guard is an essential part of the roofing in buildings in places where snowing is common. The snow guard is a device that retains snow and ice from falling from the roof to another surface or on people, plants, and property below, causing injury or damage. They are generally referred to as avalanche control and are made of multiple rows or structures installed on the roof’s surface.   Considering the purpose for which the snow guards are installed, you must note that it has to be bought and installed with care.

 Buying guide for snow guard

Determining the type of snow guards– Several factors have to be considered while buying snow guards. There are different types of snow guards in the market. They include

  • Clamp-on snow guards– This is an ideal snow guard for a standing seam metal roof. It is attached to the roof mechanically. It does have a lot of holding strength despite it being fixed without penetrating the roof. They are quite famous and are available in metal and plastic. They can be attached to the roof during any season.
  • Mini snow guards– The snow guards have a small face. You might be aware that the face is the primary feature from which the snow guard derives its stopping power. They have limited stopping power but a useful snow guard that prevents snow avalanches to some extent.
  • Panel valley snow guards- They are referred to as pad style snow guards as well. They are ideal for roofs in which clamp on snow guards are not feasible. There are two types of panel valley snow guards. It includes Mechanical attachment panel valley snow guards as well as adhesive panel valley snow guards.

It is crucial to reach out to the professionals to determine the type of snow guard ideal for the roof that you have installed. They would guide you regarding the right snow guard for the roofing and install it properly. The factors that they would consider while making the decision include

 The type of metal roof that has been installed– There are different types of metal roofing styles. The most common styles include

  • Standing seam
  • Classic rib panel
  • Batten
  • Corrugated
  • Trapezoidal

Among these, the standing seam style of metal roof is ideal for the clamp on style snow guards. You would have to go in for the other types of metal roofs for Panel valley snow guards.

The number of snow guards required- you might be aware that the snow guards have to be placed not in just one place but at regular intervals throughout the length of the roof. However, the number of snow guards that would be required for the roofing can be calculated considering several factors, such as

The snow guard style

  • The length between eve and ridge of the roof
  • Snow load that is expected
  • Length of the roof
  • Roof pitch
  • Snow guard style

And others.

 Cost- Buying snow guards involves cost. Therefore, the prices you are willing to pay will determine the style, type, and several snow guards you can buy. You have snow guards made of metal and polycarbonate.  Advanced technology has brought down the cost difference between a metal snow guard and a polycarbonate one.

The roof pitch installation feature is another factor that influences the type and number of snow guards required for the building. Choose prudently to make it safe and cost-effective.