6 Tips For Maintaining An Auto Gate

Do you dream of owning a door that automatically opens, as shown in the movies? You can now make that into a reality by getting an auto gate and enjoying its system in Singapore.

To guarantee your autogate in Singapore will last for a long time and can protect you from intruders, you have to learn how to take good care of it. Here are some care and maintenance tips that might help.

1. Keep It Dust-Free Daily

Even though dust and dirt seem harmless, excess amounts of dust and dirt accumulated on an auto gate in Singapore can cause corrosion. Therefore, keep your autogate dust-free by dusting it daily.

2. Wash The Auto Gate Yearly

To keep your autogate remaining new and fresh, you should wash it yearly. Ensure to use gentle cleaning products that will not be too rash to the metal of the autogate.

3. Apply Some Wax After Washing It

Once washed, you should apply a generous amount of wax. It will help protect your autogate in Singapore from UV, dust, dirt, etc.

4. Fasten Loose Hardware

With constant use, some hardware will come loose. The only way to ensure the hardware will not completely detach is to check it and fasten it right away.

5. Lubricate The Parts Every Six Months

If not lubricated, the hardware, especially the moving parts, will become stiff, and there will be noise when opening and closing the auto gate system in Singapore.

6. Check The Wires For Pest

Pests can infest anything, including the wires of an autogate. Consider checking the wires of your autogate and check for pest infestation. If there is, call pest control experts and auto gate repair specialists so they can work together to resolve the problem.

Do these religiously as they can help lower the chances of your auto gate needing repair in Singapore. Contact San Automation Gate at (+65) 6899 8164 if you need to get professional help with your autogate.