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When should you choose the option of parquet floor repairs?

If you want to change the outlook of your bedroom or your living room, you can get started by checking out its flooring requirements. Different aspects of interior décor can highlight any room’s ambiance, mood, and theme. Although all elements play an important role in improving a room’s interior décor, the flooring type can decide the coziness level. The term ‘parquet’ has been derived from the French term ‘parqueterie.’  Parqueterie refers to wooden blocks or panels laid down on the floor. Usually, this flooring is laid out in the form of different symmetrical and geometric patterns.

They are available in engineered and solid parquet wooden forms. Besides, engineered parquet wood looks like a hardwood layer placed above high-grade quality materials and plywood. Eventually, these flooring options offer the same appearance. Different wood species can be deployed to manufacture such floor panels as mahogany, cherry, exotic hardwoods, maple, walnut, and oak. Hence, parquet wooden flooring is the perfect option if you want to renovate your house’s flooring structure. Owing to the wood’s excellent characteristics, the wood ensures better absorption while resisting trappings and odors emission. Varying per the nature of wood required for construction, the cost of parquet flooring can vary accordingly. The planks found in this flooring variant differ from other wood planks.

Although the parquet planks are small, the major difference arises from how they are laid out or placed on the floors. The layout appears in the form of decorative and geometrical designs like chevron, basket weave, chequerboard, and herringbone. The floor’s overall texture is smooth despite the different kinds of parquet, patterns, or wood (hardwood and solid wood). The parquetry flooring constructions are carried out by using excellent types of wood. The common types of wood deployed for parquetry flooring are as follows:

  • Burmese as well as Indonesian Teak
  • American Oak
  • Maple wood and so forth

These varieties of woods come with different maturity. So, they are logged or cut down at varying times. Usually, the thickness of wooden planks can vary between ten to twenty millimeters. The Indonesian and Burmese Teak’s logging period varies between eighty years and thirty-five years. Unlike the Indonesian Teak, the Burmese Teak comes in a darker shade and consists of oil within its wood. Maple wood comes with a few hint reddish hints along with light beige shades. American oak comes in two types: white and red.

Owing to the high concentration of tannic acid, this wood can resist fungal and mold growth more effectively. However, water seepage inside your wooden floors can damage the tiles, which eventually calls for replacement. You’ll have to repair your parquet floors soon after damage. You approach experts to remove the pieces of destroyed parquet. An expert will use methods like varnishing or sanding to remove the indentations and scratches present on your floors. To avoid damage, you should protect your parquet flooring from sharp objects, excess moisture, and heavy traffic. Exposure to excess moisture can damage the floors significantly.