Often Lose When Playing Online Games? Here are Tips to Increase Rank!

Don’t blame your teammates, okay! Maybe you really need a secret strategy to win when playing rank in online games. To be able to win when playing online games in Major Playground, you have to pay attention to some important things that you can apply as below.

  1. Communication with the Team

The most important thing when playing games with a team is communication with team members. You can ask each other for help or strategize with the team if you can communicate well.

  1. Know Your Role in the Team

Also known as Role . You need to know first what your role is in a team, then you can synergize with your team. 

  1. Find a Healthy Party

Not a party that contains great people and auto-win, but a party that is ‘healthy’. This means that you can grow together with your teammates. Win together, lose together.

The important thing is that you learn to play better than the previous game. Over time, you will be able to rank up on your own! 

  1. Know Your Hero Characteristics 

You need to know first what your character can do and what his weaknesses are. Sometimes, choosing the right counter can be very crucial for determining the victory of your game. 

  1. Pay attention to the Internet connection

It is also important in playing online games is a fast and stable Internet connection. Because the game is running faster, it must be accompanied by the user’s Internet speed. Maybe, using WiFi can be relied on so that the internet is more stable. Online games require a good internet connection, so you can play games smoothly and don’t lag when you’re in a battle.

To support your activities when playing online games , it is recommended that you install a WiFi Internet network from Biznet Home which is supported by reliable technology that can guarantee that your WiFi Internet will be faster and more stable.