How Kamado Joe BGE Table Offered By BBQs 2U Benefits Users

BBQs 2u has been loved by the people of the UK for offering them delicious grilled foods and barbeques. This family business has been in operation since 2002. This is a family business and BBQs 2u is very passionate about barbeque foods.

Since 2010 BBQs 2u has started selling ovens of some of the top brands of the world such as Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Master built, and Ooni pizza ovens in the UK.  So people in the UK can get all spares and service support from BBQs 2u itself. The company has plenty of experience in barbeque foods and therefore is the right company to represent these ovens.

Kamado Joe has supplied the well-researched units having top materials and very long-lasting components when it will come to the enormous Big Green Egg Table. Furthermore, the tables are simple to assemble and have ample storage.

People are mostly aware that Kamado Joe can be used to cook steak and can also be used to grill. As a result, it is a need for everyone. This will allow consumers to get tasty steak while having a good time. Also, this is a great way to make the camping trip even more thrilling.


  • Grid diameter: 18.25”
  • Cooking area: 262 square inch
  • Weight: 162 lbs
  • Cooking capacity: 12 burgers, 20-pound turkeys, and vertically 6 chickens, 8 steaks.

In addition to that, customers can select different accessories to optimize their grilling experience.


Besides the above cooking capacity, there will be cooking grids made of stainless steel. The BGE Table is quite durable and porcelain glazed ceramic will enable heat and moisture retention.

For succulent meats and foods, the ceramic helps to maintain the necessary moisture within the food. This architecture also ensures that the product will last for a long time. Ceramic grills, in summary, provide greater durability, adaptability, and heat retention than other grills.

Kamado BGE is better compared to others

There are afew disadvantages of BGE offered by many other companies. The top air vent for example, on the BGE, is made of cast iron, which is prone to rust. When the grill is closed, it also slides around.

On the other hand, the Kamado Joe’s air vent is composed of rust-resistant aluminium. When the lid of the kamado is closed, it also stays in place.

In addition, the Kamado Joe’s vent has a temperature gauge and adjustment lines.On one side, the Kamado Joe maybe a little more expensive. This is because it will come with a few necessary accessories.

The Kamado Joe, for example, contains a moveable cart, ceramic plate, and side shelves whereas the BGE just comes with the kamado grill.

Another drawback of the BGE will be that when the handle is allowed to let go, then the lid falls down, but the Kamado Joe’s lid stays up, appropriately counterbalanced. Although this may be not a big issue for some, however, it may be a big problem for people who have difficulty lifting.

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