Here is what to do when facing Sewage System Back-Up Challenges

Whenever having a sewer back up in a residential or commercial property, it is vital to respond quickly to avert a crisis. Immediately call a technician or the local sewerage service company. An expert is the best person to recommend a suitable solution for your drainage system. They have the expertise to handle wastewater in wash bays and industrial warehouses. Also, the government has guidelines on how people can dispose of sewage, and the experts can help you avert the risk of a lawsuit by state agencies.

Disaster management

Since you probably spent a lot of money on insurance for such a disaster, it is vital to take the initiative of getting compensation for the challenges. There is a window period to reporting the incident, and affected individuals must observe the timelines.

Have evidence of the incident to support the claims. It involves taking photographs of the incidence. A comparison with another image of the area before the disaster occurrence is something to consider when building the claims. Ensure to keep all the documentation in the lawsuit for future reference. You never know what might happen or when you may need to access the records.

What to do

A sewage back up will not clear by itself as there is a likely obstruction to the flow. Avoid using chemical in clearing the blockage as it can damage the pipes or affect a plumber when repairing. Some tools can remove items blocking the passage. However, if you do not have the tools, it is prudent to call a plumber to undertake the tasks. The challenge may be more prominent than what meets the eye. Expert help is the best way to go when seeking solutions to the sewage system back up challenges.

Since there are electrical systems on the property, it is critical to switch off the power supply. There are significant dangers when the sewerage water touches naked wires. Please do not use other rooms using the sewerage system as it may complicate the issue further or cause further damage than before.

Cleaning up

It is crucial to have the right attire when cleaning up the mess. Rubber is the ideal material for cleaning gloves to protect yourself from contacting waste products. Water splashes as you wash the spaces, and you will need to have goggles. Feet protection is mandatory due to the risk of contracting waterborne diseases. Boots will protect you from parasites, and it is essential to wear an overall to protect your clothes from dirt. Do not expose any wounds when cleaning up as it may expose it to infections.


Although some causes of sewage back-up are unavoidable, there are things that a person can control. Avoiding disposing of large insoluble items down the drain. Plastic bags are also destructive to the system. Consider trimming tree roots if they are close to the sewerage system, as they can easily damage or block the pipes.


Sewerage systems differ, and it is critical to have a design that suits your property needs. Durable materials will also prolong the service of the system.