Should You Go for an Air Purifier Rental or Buy One Instead?

When you spend most of your time indoors, then air quality may sound like such a big deal to you. After all, you might seem like you are not exposed to pollutants like car fumes or cigarette smoke. But think again– air quality might not be something we think about every day, but it affects us in ways we cannot begin to list. People die every year because of the effects of bad air quality. If you think you do not need indoor air purification systems and other ways to clean your air, you might fall prey to these statistics.

Singapore is an urban area with many sources of smog and pollution. Many major cities like the city-state are also in the same predicament. Air quality worsens significantly with human activity. That is why you see densely populated areas are far lower on the air quality index. Pollutants and emissions such as factory smoke or car fumes can contribute to overall air pollution.

Thankfully, even when Singapore is a highly dense area, it ranks in the middle of the pack for air pollutant levels. We still have a long way to go if we want to improve these levels. One might believe that escaping to indoor spaces can save them from bad air quality, but it is a mistake. Air quality indoors may sometimes be worse than outdoors. Your home is still prone to receiving outdoor air whenever you open the entrances of your building, and air pollutants can hand or circle the interiors of your spaces, waiting for you to breathe them in.

Air pollution is not something we should take for granted. That is why we need to focus our energy on creating and installing indoor air purification systems for homes and buildings. Without these systems, you and your family are made victims of chronic respiratory and circulatory diseases and illnesses. It may even affect your mental health.

The most logical option is to get an air purifier to help you protect your loved ones from the dangers of low air quality. But now, the question is this: ‘Which should I choose, buying an air purifier or renting one instead?

Should I buy or rent an air purifier?


When you observe an air purifier at work, you may not notice any noises emanating from the device, other than a faint hum. If this is the case, your air purifier is working. They may not look like they do much, but effective air purifiers are silent and do not make any visible changes to your environment.

In reality, air purifiers are powerful devices capable of cleaning and purifying homes with astonishing accuracy. Ultraviolet air purifiers or medical-grade air purifiers can purge a  majority of floating particles in the air. The best air purifier in Singapore can even remove foul odours and chemicals in the air.

Many people regard air purifiers as a luxury when in reality it is a necessity. Unfortunately, not many people agree about this due to the price tag of an air purifier. Let us compare and contrast the pros and cons of buying and renting an air purifier.

Renting an air purifier


Renting an air purifier is significantly cheaper than buying an air purifier. You can find air purification machines from different companies, and because it is pre-used, you only need to pay a small fee for each period you will use them. You can get access to expensive air purifiers for a fraction of the cost and terminate their use after your contract expires. It is perfect for those who want to know more about the specific air purifier they want to buy permanently or if they only need it for a short duration (such as the recovery period of sick patients).


The biggest con of renting an air purifier is, of course, the inability to keep your air purifier for extended periods. You have to keep renewing your contract if you want to keep using your air purifier. And even if your air purifier costs might be cheaper, if you break it, liability costs may skyrocket your expenses. Always check the fine print before using an air purifier rental service. Your contract may bind you from making choices on the air purifier you rent, and you may end up paying more over the years.

Buying an air purifier


The main draw of buying an air purifier in Singapore is that you can keep whatever you buy. Your air purifier is yours forever and you can use it however you please. Many purchases of air purifiers come with warranties– if your air purifier breaks, you can always look for a repair shop to help you figure out what is wrong with your air purifier. You can use the air purifier’s warranty to lower the costs of your repairs. Some types of air purifiers (Like the HEPA air purifier) only have minimal cleaning requirements. After buying an air purifier, you do not need to pay monthly instalments like rentals (unless you choose this payment scheme).


Buying an air purifier is significantly more expensive than renting one. After all, when you purchase an air purifier, you can keep your air purifier for the rest of its natural lifespan. Another con is that it is up to you to discover the issues with your air purifier. If you experience issues with your air purifier and you passed the warranty date, you might not be able to get a reduced cost on your repairs.

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