Different Types of Machines Needed for Jeans Manufacturing

Jeans have now become one of the most popular common wear materials worldwide and you will find both from the richest man to any average person are wearing jeans pants and comfortably moving around everywhere.

The market for jeans is growing phenomenally for the last 2 decades and it still remains the most popular fabric all over the world. But did you ever thought of how a jeans manufacturing machine will be?

Well, there is plenty of technology is involved in the making of these machines, which will be hard to explain in a few limited words.

Jeans are a kind of pants that are generally made out of denim material that uses 100% cotton yarns. The potential of these jeans pants in the market is huge due to the following reasons:

  • Jeans are very durable as compared to any other fabrics, offer the customers lots of comfort, ease, and can easily be washed after wearing.
  • Whether a person is an office goer or working in a factory, everybody can easily wear it and suitable for any work environment,
  • Also, it is a great fashion statement as casual wear among people from all walks of life.

Now let us discuss what the various types of machines needed for the manufacturing of jeans clothes are. The following are the few of the machines that are needed for manufacturing jeans in a certain factory environment.

  1. Single needle edge cutter
  2. Sewing machines
  3. Single needle lockstitch machine
  4. Double-needle chain stitch
  5. Double-needle lockstitch
  6. Three thread overlock meant for serging operation, and zipper fly serging
  7. Five thread overlock machine for side seam
  8. The feed of the arm for back yoke and inseam attach
  9. Bartack machine meant for attaching belt loop
  10. Eyelet hole machine for making eyelets
  11. Coverstitch machine or flatlock machine
  12. Buttonhole
  13. Multi-needle chain stitch machine
  14. Pattern sewer meant for pattern making for the back pocket
  15. Loop making a special kind of machine
  16. Snap button attaching machine
  17. Various work aids and attachments needed for various sewing operations

Also, you can include a few automatic machines for the following operation

  • Automatic attaching machine for the back pocket
  • Automatic belt loop making
  • Belt loop attaching machine
  • Automatic J-stitch machine

The following cutting room machines are also needed

  1. Automatic cutting machine
  2. Automatic fabric spreader

To do manual spreading and to perform manual cutting the following few are needed

  1. Straight knife cutting machine
  2. Fusing machine
  3. End cutter

For finishing and packing, you will need

  1. Ironing table
  2. Steam set

In addition, you may install a denim-washing unit along with a special setup for finishing.

Price of the machines

The above list may vary a little in certain different manufacturing set-ups but their types and machine models will remain more or less the same.

However, the prices of the machine can vary based on the manufacturer of these machines and how many machines that you order. Contact several companies and request a quote!