Aircon Cleaning Service: How to Clean Your New AC

It is frustrating when your air conditioner breaks down when you need it the most. Paying for aircon services in Singapore is common in many households because of the lack of proper care and maintenance or an error in timing. As with any electrical appliance, the methods of cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner are necessary to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency. It is crucial if you reside in a region where the weather is consistently hot for extended periods, as it suggests that you may be using your air conditioning system more than necessary.

If you live in Singapore, you’re probably using your air conditioner to keep cool in the sweltering heat. Is it, however, still too hot even after you’ve turned the thermostat down? Or is there something wrong with the odour in your room? Your home air conditioner may need some tender loving care. Keeping your air conditioner clean with the help of an aircon cleaning service is the best thing you can do to preserve its coolness, so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to do just that! This article highlights a step-by-step guide for cleaning split-type ACs and window-type air conditioners.

Turn off the air conditioner’s power.

You should turn off the power to your breaker box because air conditioners have various moving parts. Because there will be no lights, this is a daytime-only project for some aircon services in Singapore. It’s a good idea to install adequate lighting if your indoor unit is in a dark area, like an attic.

Make sure the fins and fan blades are free of dust.

If you ignore the cleanliness of the condenser fins, they’ll become caked with dust. As a result, your air conditioner works hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. The outer panel of the unit must be removed to clean the fins and blades of the fan.

Clean the evaporator coils in your air conditioner.

Dust the coil with a soft brush if you have one. Your home’s dust consists of any particles found there. If you’re prone to allergies, a mask can help keep out dead skin cells and pollen.

Your local home improvement and AC servicing store in Singapore may carry a no-rinse coil cleaner that you can use. Dirt and dust are carried away by the spray foam, which is dripped into the drain pan. Using a spray bottle, evenly apply the foam and make sure to get it into any crevices you might miss. Do this on a warm day so the AC condensation can wash the coils when you turn the unit back on.

Drain the AC drain pan.

Drain pan cleaning is necessary after the coil cleaner has finished its work. Using soap and hot water, as well as bleach, is a place to begin. Bleach and water are best combined in a 50/50 ratio. Make sure the drain is clear by flushing the solution down it. The AC drain pan tablets available at most home improvement and hardware stores are a long-term solution to the algae problem.

The air conditioner’s fins should be straightened.

In Singapore, an aircon servicing company may address this step as something critical to ensure that the airflow is not obstructed by bent fins. Investing in a fin tool is the best course of action. It is possible to comb a certain number of fins per inch with these inexpensive kits, which have teeth. Consider how many fins per inch you’ll need for your appliance. It’s as simple as combing the fins back into position.

The AC access panel should be closed.

Use the same screws you removed at the beginning of the procedure to reattach the access panel. Use HVAC metal foil tape to seal the access panel’s top and bottom. For a technician to perform maintenance or repairs on the unit, the manufacturer’s label should not be obscured.

This is all you need to do for regular cleaning after hiring an aircon cleaning service expert, but if you run into problems, you may need to call a professional to help. There are parts of your A-frame evaporator coils that you may not be able to access because of the coils’ design. If you haven’t cleaned your A-frame coils in a while, you’ll likely need the help of a professional.

Sweep the AC filter clean.

Keeping your carpet clean is as simple as vacuuming. To avoid damaging the filter, aircon services in Singapore encourage you to avoid a brush attachment. Repeatedly move the vacuum nozzle along the filter’s entire length. A significant amount of dirt and debris will have been removed. If you have pets, you may need to go over the filter a few times to remove all the hair. When vacuuming, be careful not to tear or dent the filter by pushing too hard.

Spray the AC filter.

Fill a bottle halfway with equal parts vinegar and water. Spritz both sides of the filter with the solution and let it sit for 10 minutes to kill any bacteria that may be present. Before continuing, flush the filter with water.


The AC filter should be soaked in water.

Following the basic filter-cleaning services of an aircon cleaning service, room-temperature water should be used to fill a bathtub or other large container for soaking the filter. Lather up the water by adding a small amount of liquid detergent and mixing it thoroughly. Make sure the filter is fully submerged in the container. Let the solution sit for 10 to 15 minutes before moving the filter back and forth in the soapy solution.

Dry the AC filter.

It can take several hours for the AC filters to dry out. As an aid in the process, you can place newspapers under the filter. On top of the newspapers, place the filter against the wall. Reinstall the filter in your air conditioner after it has rested for at least three hours.

A well-maintained air conditioner is a more cost-effective option, but this is not always possible for the average householder. It’s best to leave the dirty work to an aircon cleaning service if you lack a shop vacuum or don’t want to use chemicals.

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