A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a digitalised watch with features similar to a mobile phone or tablet. Unlike analog watches that copy and system of wall clocks, a smartwatch is equipped with a touchscreen interface you can navigate anytime. This device is often connected to a smartphone application, which sends notifications to your smartwatch on a regular basis.

Another key feature of a smartwatch you can find in smartphones and tablets is Bluetooth connectivity. This lets you sync data between your phone and watch. This modern device usually has a built-in GPS tracker and heart rate sensor, making it ideal for fitness buffs. Different smartwatch brands offer different features, however. Some models can take and receive calls and need not be linked to a mobile phone, while others do not have a “standalone” design.

Although it can carry out several functions, studies show that the smartwatch boom can be attributed in part to health conscious buyers. The industry itself is dynamic and continuously growing and evolving to accommodate various needs and not just fitness.

Have you ever considered buying a smartwatch? What are your criteria for selection? Whether you intend to buy soon or some time in the future, it is best to do your research early on. Explore your options and see what features are important to you, so you will have an easier time choosing. Below we list down some helpful tips.

Choose the Type of Smartwatch that Matches Your Needs

Knowing what kind of smartwatch to purchase will save you time and money. Unbeknown to many buyers, there are smartwatches designed for specific purposes and they are as follows:

  • Fitness Smartwatch – Usually designed with all the standard sensors in place, this type of smartwatch tracks real-time activities. Aside from an activity tracker, a fitness smartwatch also has a built-in accelerometer, GPS, heart rate sensor and gyroscope. Popular fitness smartwatches you can add to your device collection include Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch 4 and Fitbit Versa.
  • Standalone Smartwatch – This type has mobile phone functionalities and lets you make or receive calls directly. Due to having features independent from a smartphone, this smartwatch is referred to as “standalone.” A built-in microphone, antenna and loudspeaker enable the device to support voice communication. Notable models under this category: Lemfo Lem 8, Apple Watch SE, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, TicWatch Pro, and Huawei Watch 2.
  • Comprehensive Smartwatch – If you want to experience the best of both worlds – meaning fitness tracking and standalone features in one watch, then a comprehensive smartwatch should be worth the investment. It has all the sensors found in a fitness phone watch plus the voice communication capabilities of a standalone type. Depending on the manufacturer, comprehensive watches are often water-proof and can be used for swimming. If this type is right up your alley, then consider these brands for your next purchase: Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music, Apple Watch Series 6 LTE, Padgene DZ09, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Smartwatches are also grouped according to their appearance. If you consider this as an important criterion for purchase, then pay attention to these types:

  • Classic Smartwatch – Typically resembles a traditional watch, this type will make for a chic accessory when worn during formal occasions (though you can also opt to wear them casually).
  • Sports Smartwatch – This device normally has an innovative design that fits in well with different athletic activities (e.g. waterproof, having multiple sensors).
  • Smart bracelet – Otherwise known as “smart bands” or “fitness bands,” a smart bracelet is slimmer than most current designs, similar to the accessory it was named after. Bracelet types also have activity trackers and built-in sensors.
  • Hybrid Smartwatch – Analog meets digital when you buy a hybrid smartwatch. Some would consider them a cross between old wristwatches and digital versions. They were developed to give more options to customers who are not receptive to digital displays.

Features to Look For in a Fitness Band

Are you planning to buy a smartwatch to aid you in your health and fitness journey? Make sure the following features are present in the device you intend to purchase:

  1. Heart Rate Monitor

To know how many calories you burn after every workout, it is important to monitor your heart rate from time to time. Reaching your target heart rate zone enables you to adjust the intensity accordingly and meet your fitness goals.

  1. Automatic Exercise Sensor

When integrated with a smartphone and a corresponding app, you can use this feature to identify the exercises you are doing – be it sports or aerobics. No need to enter your workout. The system will automatically identify your exercise and save the workout date on your device.

  1. GPS Tracker

GPS tracks the steps you took throughout the day versus the number of steps you need to take to be considered active. You can also map your routes and view real-time data on the distance you travelled. If your fitness regimen is big on running or cycling, then always consider this feature prior to purchase.

  1. Swimming-Proof

A waterproof fitness band is a gem among smartwatch lovers. You can use it in the pool and not worry about it getting soaked in the rain. If connected to a swimming app, the device will record important data such as the number of laps you completed and the length you need to cover.

  1. Movement Reminder

An underrated but helpful feature, a movement reminder encourages users to move around if the watch finds them sedentary for a long time. Along with a GPS tracker, devices like Apple and Fitbit will send vibrating notifications, informing you of your lack of activity.

Where to Buy a Smartwatch Online

Nowadays, young professionals, entrepreneurs and university students hustle through the daily grind, supported by a smart watch. This innovative device offers several advantages for people on-the-go and those who want to take their health seriously. While there is no right or wrong to choosing a smartwatch, it would benefit you in the long run if you choose one that fits your standards and gives you value. is not just a reputable online store for mobile phones and tablets. You can also find the latest smartwatches and send your enquiries through the contact form. Visit the website to explore a range of smartwatch models from different brands. Orders made before 4 PM will be dispatched on the same day.