5 navigation equipment on board the ship

Automatic Radar Tool displays the position of ships and other ships in the vicinity. The radar displays the position of the ship in the vicinity and chooses the path for the ship by avoiding any kind of collision.

  1. ARPA

This navigational equipment constantly monitors the ship’s surroundings and automatically acquires the number of targets, in this case; ship, boat, stationary vessel or floating object etc., and plotting their respective speed and course. target It also presents the targets as vectors on the display screen and continuously updates the parameters with each turn of the antenna by calculating their closest approach point to the ship itself as well as the time before this will occur. Read more about navigation service

  1. Automatic Tracking Aid

Just like ARPA, this automatic Tracking aid displays information about the tracked target in graphical and numerical form to produce a planned layout for a safer and avoid collision course.

  1. Speed ​​& Distance Log Device This navigation equipment is used to measure the speed and distance traveled by the ship from the set point by calculating the same, the ETA of the ship is adjusted or given to the port agent/authority.
  2. Echo Sounder

There are many modern ship navigation devices present on board and the Echo sounder is one of the instruments that has been in use for almost 100 years. It is used to measure the depth of seawater below the bottom of the ship using sound waves that work on the principle of transmission of sound waves and audio pulses that will bounce from the reflective layer, back as an echo to its source.

  1. Electronic Chart Display Information System

ECDIS is a development in the navigation chart system used on naval and commercial vessels. By using electronic navigation equipment, it becomes easier for ship officers to pinpoint locations, and getting directions is easier than ever.