Want to Add Beauty to Your Home or Office? Know How to Hang your Art Pieces

Placement of your art collection is a thoughtful process. This is so because there was a purpose you bought or created an art-piece. To convey the full effect of that art, its strategic positioning is vital.

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Listed below are some pointers for you to hang your art collection at the right place and at a correct height:

  1. Try to match your art with décor

The art should go well with the other colours in the room. It should complement the colour scheme of the area. The hall in a house is not just a transit area, it is the first thing your guests seeand it should be decorated with graphic artwork.

  1. Decide if you want to hang single or multiple pieces together

If you are going for a bold and a statement providing look go for a single painting. If you would like to play around and be creative you can hang multiple pieces together.

  1. Where to hang?

The pictures are usually hanged on a wall, but you can even put them on a piece of furniture or shelves or even on the ground. If you want to hang the picture it will look good over a fireplace, sofa, desk, bed or table, it will also look stunning on a blank wall.

  1. Proper spacing among the pieces

It is generally seen that artworks which are hanging over the furniture shouldn’t be wider than the space of the furniture. The ideal space between the art pieces should be around two to six inches. You can always experiment the spacing to get a unique look.

  1. Choose to hang it where the natural light shines

Natural light brings out the colour and texture of the painting. But be cautious as direct sunlight can damage the painting by degrading its colour. Don’t worry you can always use artificial light to illuminate your painting.

  1. Decide on the size of the piece/ pieces

The size of the painting does matter, as choosing too small or too big size can reduce the appeal of the room. The best way to figure out the right size is to simulate it on the wall and take a picture, also consider that painting with light colours will look smaller and painting with dark colours will look bigger than it really is.

You can get really creative when it comes to placement of your art pieces in your home or office space.Nowadays, you can avail any artwork from anywhere in the world while accessing manywebsites. It’s as easy as visit the site and buy paintings online.