Essential manicure Solutions you can Opt for Now

Perfect manicure is a word that may not inspire you knowingly confidence. Have you also given up on the idea of having beautiful painted nails? Because of the hours wasted trying to apply it, nail by nail, layer by layer, for a catastrophic result? We understand you!

This is why we have written you a guide on how to apply nail polish without spilling out and thus have a perfect manicure.

Prepare your nails before applying nail polish

First and foremost, it is important to prepare your nails before applying the varnish. This may seem logical to you, but it is important to wash your hands well in cold water (very important) before, and especially to dry them well. In order to avoid any residues which could disrupt the correct application of your nail polish?

The nail file, an essential element

To have a perfect manicure, you must first have perfect nails. There’s nothing like a good nail file for this. For an optimum rendering, be careful not to go back and forth on your nail, but to file well in one direction.

Don’t cut your cuticles

Even though these tiny skin types are unsightly, it is important not to cut the cuticles. They are used to protect the back of the nails from possible infections. Have you ever had the experience of pulling out a cuticle and rubbing an antiseptic on it? If so, you know one of the synonyms for suffering. So imagine all the bacteria that get inside.

Polishing nails

For better adhesion, it is not essential to polish your nails, but recommended. Thus, you will get smooth and soft nails and the varnish will adhere better.

Don’t skip the protective base

A large majority of women do not bother to apply a protective primer before applying their nail polish sets. As a result, they have to redo their varnish every two days, or even every day. So, don’t forget to apply your base coat before. For learning more on this, make your visit to .

Apply the nail polish without sticking out

Now that your nails are perfectly prepared, it’s time to get down to business: application. But how to apply varnish without sticking out? Answer just below.

Warm up your nail polish

To have a beautiful, even polish color, it is important to mix the nail polish well. For that, do not shake it especially! You will create micro bubbles that will rise to the surface. It is advisable to roll the varnish between your hands. Thus it will be warmed up, homogeneous and without bubbles.

Apply multiple coats

Applying a single coat of polish is like shooting yourself in the foot (the exaggeration is minimal). You can be sure that after 2 hours you have run out of polish or at least it will start to flake off. It is advisable to apply at least three coats of nail polish. But don’t forget to allow the varnish time to dry. Otherwise, the three layers will be useless. Be patient, the result is worth it.