Using Pinterest To Grow Your Business

Pinterest is a very popular search engine which is mostly treated as a social media platform. Pinterest has great power to drive traffic towards your website and increase brand awareness. Visitors from Pinterest get converted into leads faster as compared to other social networking websites. This is because the shelf life of Pinterest is much longer than other social media platforms. When you post a picture on Facebook or Instagram, it tends to get buried quickly. Also, only the most followed accounts on instagram get proper exposure.This is not the case with Pinterest. Your images will remain on your profile for a longer time and will benefit your business to a great extent.

Now let us discuss some of the ways by which you can use Pinterest to grow your business:

Determine a proper strategy: Before you start using Pinterest, you need to define a proper strategy. Until and unless you have a well-defined goal, you will never be able to succeed. You can even hire a Pinterest strategist who will provide you with proper information regarding how to develop your strategy.  You need to understand what exactly you are using your Pinterest account for.  Also, you need to be a little patient because Pinterest is a slow growing platform. It might take a considerable amount of time for your pins to grow but once things get going, everything will become easier for you.

Create a business account: If you want to use Pinterest for business purposes, you will have to open a business account. You can create your business account on Pinterest for free. A business account will help you to monitor your analytics from Pinterest itself. This will give you proper information about the pins and boards which are currently trending in the market. These insights will help you to increase brand engagement and pin more effectively. 

Create an attractive Pinterest profile: Your Pinterest profile needs to be precise and catchy. Your profile should reflect what you do and what your brand is all about. It should also reflect your products and services. So, building a proper Pinterest profile is of extreme importance. You can also include target keywords in your profile to improve the SEO rank. You can also go through our blogs to understand how you can increase traffic on pinterest and social media.

Organise your board: If you want to portray yourself as a successful business owner, then you must organise your board properly. For that, you need to understand who is your target audience and design your board as per your requirement. Your board should feature beautiful images of your products.  All the images that you upload should have proper light and should also be of high-quality. You should organize your board from most relevant to least relevant instead of ordering the photographs in alphabetical order.

Include keywords in your description: Keywords are a must in your description. Pinterest works in a way similar to Google.  Users search for content by using keywords. Keywords are the most important tool for content discovery. That is why your board should have a proper description containing hashtags and keywords. Try to use as many keywords as possible in your Pinterest descriptions. Your keywords should be unique and have the ability to attract customers to your website. You may even try using local keywords.

Brand your pins: Whenever you are creating a pin, you must add a few lines of text to it. Just sharing beautiful images might not be really effective. You should also add a few lines of text with your image to increase the flavour. Pins with text get a lot more attention than the pins which are without text.

Join group boards selectively: You must be very selective while joining a group. A proper group board can help you to generate traffic. So, don’t get yourself involved in unnecessary groups. Before you join a particular group board, you must carefully understand what that group is all about. Only then should you become a part of it. Always remember that quality is of much more importance than quantity. So, go for those group boards which have quality content.

So, these are some of the ways by which you can grow your business by taking the help of Pinterest. There are a lot of books on amazon which will also provide you with relevant information regarding social media marketing. You can purchase those books and devise a powerful marketing strategy for your business.