The Rise of Mobile Betting Apps: Why Punters Are Making the Shift

The Rise of Mobile Betting Apps

Indians love sports. Whether it’s a major cricket, football, or Kabaddi event, you’ll be sure to hear a lot of people talking about it. This is why it’s not surprising that sports betting is also becoming a trend in the country even if there is still a lack of progressive gambling laws.

The online sports betting scene in India remains to be hard to gauge when it comes to how big it is. The lack of regulation plays a big role here but even if this is the case, the numbers are already high. MyBetting reported that around 370 million Indians would place their bets online every time a major sport event is on like the Indian Premier League (IPL) or the T20 World Cup.

The best cricket betting Apps for ICC T20 World Cup are now getting popular as the season has already started. Surely, millions are placing their bets during Round 1 alone and when it comes to betting online, people are starting to prefer the use of mobile apps.

The Growth of Mobile Users

When the first few mobile betting apps were released, not a lot of people cared so much about it. It’s still so easy to access betting sites with a mobile browser anyway. However, gambling apps have greatly improved in the last few years. The gambling industry gave more focus to the mobile market as the number of mobile users is significantly increasing.

In India, around 54 percent of the population are already mobile users. Statista estimated that there are already over 744 million mobile users and that by 2020, this number could go as high as 1.5 billion which is a growth of 96 percent. The number of mobile subscribers today has more than doubled since 2016 when only 22 percent of the population were using smartphones.

The increase of mobile users worldwide has something to do with how smartphones are becoming more accessible. Today, mobile devices are starting to become cheaper yet powerful. In India, more smartphone companies are starting to gain popularity like VIVO which has been the title sponsor of the IPL since 2018.

Aside from cheaper mobile devices, the internet infrastructure in the country is now a lot better and even cheaper. When 4G connection became available in India in 2012, it didn’t come cheap but since certain telecommunications companies landed in the country, people were able to enjoy cheaper mobile internet services. 5G is also set to be rolled out in the country by 2022.

Why are People Downloading Betting Apps?

With the mobile market getting bigger, betting apps saw a need for better app features. The best betting sites today not only allow customers to bet on matches. These apps also have other features too like the latest sports news, online casinos, and even live streaming. With these features, punters don’t even have to second-guess on downloading a betting app.

Live betting is particularly easier thanks to mobile apps. This form of betting is fast and only an efficient channel can allow punters to enjoy it. Odds on live betting or in-game betting are only available for a few minutes or even seconds and it’s a bit tough to have to refresh websites all the time. Apps with live betting features usually no longer have this sort of hassle.

A betting app can also be connected to the most convenient mobile payment solutions. You can just connect your betting account to your digital wallet so that making a deposit or withdrawing your money will be a breeze. If you are comfortable using your bank cards, you can just save the details on the app too.

Many punters also prefer to have a lot of privacy when it comes to their betting activities and what’s better than only being able to access all this with your mobile device? Going through numerous websites before getting the best odds may result in privacy concerns but if you’ll be browsing for odds through mobile apps, you’ll be sure that you’re protected and secured.

The competition is tough when it comes to the best betting apps out there and this is why many bookies would offer extra bonuses to their customers who would download their apps. This is something that you can take advantage of if you want to maximize your betting budget.

Overall, betting on mobile apps is convenient. You get to place your bets on the go which means that even if you’re watching a match live, you can still bet on your favorites.