Unique Desserts To Try In Bangalore

What comes to your mind when we say the word “desserts”? Something sweet, something that melts in your mouth or something that tends to make any special occasion even more special? While most of us think of some scrumptiously baked cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes, pudding and other such sweet delicacies as dessert, did we know that there are some lesser-known desserts which are mostly found in Bangalore? Yes, Bangalore or Bengaluru or Silicon Valley is home to very many different desserts which aren’t that common in the rest of Indian subcontinent. So, if you call yourself to be a dessert aficionado, then make sure you know about each of these unique desserts and where they are found in Bangalore. This part of Bangalore we are pretty sure you are going to love every bit of exploring.

  1. Cotton Candy Burrito – One of the fondest memories of all of us was going at a fair and begging for a cotton candy stick from our parents. But you might be wondering what is a cotton candy burrito, right? Let us help you put your curiosity at rest by aware you about this Instagrammable dessert. Cotton Candy Burrito is made available in the Candy Cloud Factory in Koramangala. It is a dessert which is loaded with cotton candy, ice creams, marshmallows, candy sprinkles and all other sweet good things.
  2. Hungarian Chimney Cake – We bet, you have opted for placing an online cake order in Bangalore of some flavoured cake for e.g. chocolate, red velvet cake or fondant, designer cake to surprise someone on their special days. But wait? What if we told another unique kind of cake found especially in Bangalore that is absolutely gift-worthy? Get into Kurtoskalacs which is situated in 17th H Main Road, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore to grab a bite of Hungarian Chimney cake. Served in a cone; this dessert is made of sweet, yeast dough which has been roasted over charcoal and basted with melted butter. It is a major hit amongst the youngsters of Bangalore.
  3. Dondurama – A Turkish dessert made of yummy ingredients whipped cream, sugar and salep, mastic has every Bangalorean’s heart. This dessert is known to gain popularity from the Maras region of Turkey, which is why the place in Bangalore where this sweet treat is found is also named The Marash in Koramangala. This place serves this Turkish dessert in flavours like Roasted Almonds and Sada.
  4. Thanda Paan Ice Cream – Head to Stoner Koramangala to relish Thanda paan ice cream which is made of paan leaves and paan supari to experience a sweet tingling in your tastebuds. The strong flavour of the betel leaves along with sweet ice cream is sure to leave you, making a big fan of it. One is bound to forget the traditional taste of the Benaras wala paan as he/she tries this Thanda paan icecream in Bangalore.
  5. Rum Chocolate Fondant – Love liquor as well as desserts? Then, Bangalore has something special for you! The rich, delicious rum chocolate fondant at SodaBottleOpenerWala’s branch in Lavelle Road, Bangalore is absolutely to die for. A booze-filled dessert is sure to set other desserts apart from it because of its unique flavours. The beautiful amalgamation of chocolate flavour coming together to complement rum liquor in this dessert is sure ot win your heart, big time.

So, these were some of the offbeat yet delicious desserts, that the city of Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka has got to offer. Get to know the Silicon city up close and personal as you choose to try out these lip-smacking desserts, next time when you are in Bangalore.

Till then, Bon Appetit!