ESET Mobile Security App

To provide the right protection and security to the most valuable personal devices,smartphones and computers area compelling need.These devices are the most popular and widely used in the world. What was done on stationary and maintained for reference and record is now taken over by smartphone and computer aided devices.

These devices been machines need security to protect its contents. In the past when stationary wasused sensitive ones were put to safes and cupboards under lock and key. Same principle is applied to the current devices but with different technology. Most common security breach currently is hacking. In simple terms unauthorized entry to the personal devices.

Hackers will access and steal whatever they wish to inform of text records,photos,videos,links and so on.Hence the need for providing comprehensive security and protection. This has been made easy now with a super amazing App,the ESET Mobile Security &Antivirus App. With its fabulous features will make the personal devices safe at all times. Let’s review some of its main functions;

Features of ESET Mobile Security App

ACTIVITY LOG– been made available will allow the users to view and manage activities like the searches made, web sites visited and videos watched. All of these from one central point in the App.

SECURITY REPORT–get to know the status of the overall security in the device.Very handy as any loose areas can be paid special attention to fix.

SHEDULE SCANS – gives the flexibility to the users to activate scanning at the most suitable times convenient. This will give the freedom to the users of not having to be interrupted.

ADWARE DETECTOR –gets rid of the popping up ads that interfere when using the device.

ANTI VIRUS PROTECTION– virus intrusion to the device is one of the worst that can happen. It is dangerous too.

With the efficient and effective protection by the App will detect and remove any virus or any other malicious software refered to as malware from the device. Relax knowing all of the data is in safe hands.

CALL FILTER–block any call number, unknown numbers or specific contacts. Very useful to keep away the time wasters.

Anti Phishing–keep away cybercrime where the attackers will make themselves known as trusted and known people to the device users through email, telephone or text to stealsensitive information.

DETECTION–in case of force entry or suspicious activity the Apps amazing sensor will detect and automatically lock the device and take snapshots. Wow!

REMOTE WIPE–will enable all data to be deleted. Handy if the device is misplaced.

And here’s more with the ESET Mobile Security App Web site will assist to track any lost device or if the devices are protected. Why waste time with worry and anxiety about your smartphones or computer’s security. Cover these with the best security App available and let life go on normal.

There many other free Android security applications like NOX Security, AVG Cleaner, Clean Master, Phone Master, Bee Booster and etc. You can download Clean Master app from its official website. You can download apk file using AC Market app.