Top 5 Mortgage Companies in Arizona

A home is often the culmination of a person’s dreams and expectations. Buying a home often involves a lot of difficult decisions including mortgages and loans. Buying real estate is the first step towards building your own home and finding the right mortgage company that doesn’t exploit you and assists you in every way possible can be a little difficult since mortgaging is an ugly business with a lot of con artists and scam companies. There are hundreds of mortgage lenders in AZ and choosing the right company for your needs can be tricky. If you are looking for mortgage companies in AZ, here is a list of the top 5 companies offering great deals on mortgages.

  1. Blake Mortgage

The one-stop for all your home loan and mortgage needs, Blake mortgage offers the most versatile deals on an array of loans for different purposes. You can secure a loan for home purchases to debt consolidation, all under one roof. Their business model makes the entire loan process very transparent and customer friendly. They have a strong presence in Arizona and are a well known and respected name in the business community.

Blake Mortgage is a family business known for its ethical, professional, and client-oriented approach. From determining the best loan for your needs to closing your transaction on time, Blake Mortgage has you covered. Visit the website to learn more.

  1. Loan Depot

When it comes to refinancing, Loan Depot is one of the, if not the best option available among mortgage lenders, AZ.  Their refinancing program has a multitude of options that suit almost everyone’s needs. The company can help you with different kinds of mortgage rates including fixed and flexible and can help you change the conditions stated on your mortgage to suit your needs.

  1. NOVA Home Loans

In a lot of cases, a poor credit score hinders people from getting loans and mortgage approvals. To get secure financing with a low credit score, the expertise of an approved lender is required and NOVA Home Loans is exactly the expert you need. NOVA also happens to be a broker apart from being a lender and they can help you secure loans at good rates from other companies too.

  1. Guaranteed Rate

If you are looking for an online loan or mortgage in the AZ area, then the Guaranteed Rate should be the starting point of your search. With a very well-laid out and structured website that happens to be extremely user friendly, Guaranteed Rate offers multiple home loan options for interested people. The lending model is online-only making it more accessible to people.

  1. Quicken Loans

Quicken has an online-only mortgage makes it very convenient for first time home buyers. Their online nationwide platform- Rocket Mortgage offers a high-quality service experience along with ease of access and easy repayment options. When it comes to customer friendliness, Rocket Mortgage has got your back. They rank among the highest in customer satisfaction surveys.