Why Hire a Private Transport Service in Singapore

Buying a car is a big financial responsibility, and not everyone has the privilege of owning one. However, there might come a day when you need to travel. For instance, you’ll have to go on a business trip or a vacation with the family, or perhaps you need to run a critical errand. Most people would think that the best way to travel is to commute through public transportation. But, there’s another option you can try, which is the private transport service in Singapore.

A private transport service is a mode of transportation not available to public people. Although it might be more expensive than public transport, you can still experience more benefits because of its convenience. If you’re planning to get one, here are the positive things you should know about the private transport service.

The Benefits of Hiring Public Transport Service

Do you want to avoid the long queue of public transport? It’s indeed a waste of time! Luckily, you can hire a public transport service in Singapore when you have a special event, like a vacation. If you need more information, here are the benefits you can get once you get the rental vehicle.

  • The Convenience –With a car or bus rental in Singapore, you won’t have to carry big luggage to the train station. You can tell the company the pickup and drop off site that is nearest to your place. Plus, private car rental services allow you to have enough space and avoid the crowded cars of commuting.
  • Fixed Rates – Although a private transport service is more expensive, it can still help you budget because it offers fixed rates. You won’t have to rely on taxi metres that might go beyond your budget. In this case, you can prepare your money in advance with rental cars.
  • A Safer Option – If you have kids, pets, and senior citizens, it might be safer to try a private transport service because they won’t struggle during the rush hour of public commute. Since they are vulnerable, giving them a more comfortable way of commuting is better.
  • More Freedom – You can choose the time you want if you have a private rental car. You don’t need to follow the timetables of public transport like the train stations and taxi stands. With a private rental, you can choose a time most applicable to your schedule.
  • Variety of Options– If you’re planning to get a car or bus rental in Singapore, you can also have various choices. You can choose the model you want or the vehicle size so everyone can join your travels.

The benefits are promising and if you want to experience these things, continue reading the article to know when is the best time to get private transport service. 


When Should You Get a Private Transport Service

Yes, a private transport service can be beneficial for commuting. However, it doesn’t work this way all the time. Sometimes, commuting is good if you’re only running an errand or you will only go to a nearby place. So, let this article tell you why getting a rental car is the right situation.

1) You’re Going on a Vacation

When going on a vacation, you’ll have to bring a lot of luggage, including clothes, necessities, toiletries, etc. Of course, it would be inconvenient to carry them around when you’re commuting around the city or when riding a train station. To avoid this, why not hire a mini bus rental in Singapore so you can avoid the hassle of carrying your items around. This way, you won’t need to carry heavy bags. And, you may even inconvenience the people riding the public stations as well.

Additionally, renting a car will allow everyone in your family to have a place in the vehicle. Isn’t it awkward to leave a person behind because there’s not enough room in a taxi cab? It’ll hurt the person’s feelings, so look for the correct size when going on a vacation.

2) You Bought Large Items Like Furniture

You can also hire a private transport service in Singapore when you buy large items like furniture. Instead of hiring a minibus, ask the company if they offer trucks to deliver such things. Imagine commuting with these huge items; for sure, people would also feel annoyed that you’re in their way.

Aside from buying furniture, you can also hire private transportation when moving home. You can transport your belongings using private car rentals and avoid the hassle of commuting while carrying many bags.

3) You Have a Business Trip

If you have a business trip with your clients, you can also hire a company bus transport to make your travels much more convenient. You wouldn’t need to experience the inconvenience of waiting in line. Plus, it would be awkward with your clients as small talk can be challenging to maintain. With a private transport service, you can focus on the business deal and impress your prospective clients to sign the agreement.

4) Will Attend a Special Occasion

You can also hire a private transport service in Singapore if you attend a special occasion. For instance, a wedding of your friend or a necessary party you don’t want to miss. When hiring a bus rental, you can invite other attendants to join your rented vehicle. This way, everyone can have a means of transportation going to the event. Remember to hire a car ahead of the event to prevent getting late on the special occasion.

5) When Your Vehicle is Under Repair

When your vehicle is under repair, you can also hire a bus rental for the meantime. This way, you can still have transportation options for your daily needs. After getting repaired, you can return the rented vehicle instead of buying a new one that will be more costly for your finances. Another positive thing is that you won’t need to compromise your daily routine when your car is broken.

For your transportation needs, you can partner with 3S Transport, which offers a private transport service in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about the bus rental options.