4 Misconceptions On Taking Professional Development And STEM Courses

Do you find yourself wanting to know the difference between innovation and invention? Or do you wish to further your scientific career by learning more about the world and its wonders? Well, one way to achieve that is by taking professional development courses in Singapore that focus on the field of your choice. It also helps you meet people of the same interest or even industry leaders who wish to share their journey with everyone.

The issue with having misconceptions about, for example, STEM courses is that people might think of them negatively or limit their knowledge about these things. Missing the point is also a consequence, and people might overlook the benefits of taking such courses.

In this article, let us debunk some myths and misconceptions about taking STEM courses in Singapore. The purpose is to help everyone understand things better.


MYTH: Entering graduate school to pursue a master’s or doctorate is only for academically successful people. The same applies to taking professional courses after your corporate job in the morning. Why? It takes high grades on your undergraduate, compelling recommendation letters, and other measures of intelligence. Second, only a select few can finish a degree or commit to taking a few professional development courses for their growth.

TRUTH: The world of academic degrees and professional courses does not engage in gatekeeping. First, as much as getting into graduate school shows competition, anyone has the chance to showcase their skills and potential as a future student. Learning also happens in the classroom, so no one is an expert in their field before they finish all requirements or discover about having an entrepreneurial mindset, for instance.

TIP: Go with what you want, whether taking a graduate degree or professional development courses to further your career. Remember that anyone has the chance on these things: All it takes is your willingness and motivation to do more and unleash your potential.



MYTH: Imagine working a corporate job in the morning or doing tasks from 9 AM to 5 PM. Not only are you tired, but you also want to scroll through your social media applications, cook a hearty meal, go to the gym to lift weights or run miles on the treadmill or spend time with your family. Taking courses for professional development in Singapore is only for those without lives outside their careers or day jobs.

TRUTH: Anyone can make time for graduate degrees and professional courses to aid career growth. First, you can talk to your immediate supervisor about your potential schedule change or negotiate a plan to help you keep the position while studying. The second solution is to take a lighter load or enlist in fewer classes to make life easier. After all, learning the entrepreneurial mindset does not happen overnight, and it is understandable to take months or years to finish what you have started.

TIP: Plan things carefully. Do you have children to supervise? Choose what you wish to prioritise without overlooking the crucial parts of your life. Or your supervisor did not agree with the setup you proposed? Try to negotiate and convince them that it is for your professional development in Singapore. In short, do what you must without hurting anyone or your life.



MYTH: Holding the relevant undergraduate degree or vocational certification is already sufficient to land a job, and there is no need to stress yourself over a graduate degree or a few professional development courses because most employers look at the experience and not what you know. In short, skills outweigh qualifications in the world of labourers that should know what they do in the job.

TRUTH: Things are different in the job market. There are entry-level positions requiring a graduate degree, while others put a premium on skills. Overall, while taking professional development courses in Singapore is not a priority for most people, they make a good learning opportunity regardless if you wish to advance your career or not. There is also no harm in trying things out and suddenly not finishing what you have started, so do not put pressure on yourself.

TIP: Weigh your options and think long-term. If you think taking STEM courses to grow your entrepreneurial mindset is not the priority at the moment, but you have the willingness to learn, consider going this route because you’ll never know. There might be a promising life opportunity shortly, or today is the best time to do this.


MYTH: STEM classes for kids and adultsonly focus on one field, and it can feel restricting because you are not exploring other studies and disciplines. The same applies to business & commerce, liberal arts, engineering, and vocational courses: You are stuck inside a box that only lets you study a particular field, and there is no possibility to unleash your potential or apply it to various things.

TRUTH: What if we tell you that taking STEM courses sharpens the entrepreneurial mindsetinside of you? Yes. Most professional development degrees or programmes often adopt a holistic approach that touches all areas, and students unleash their full potential by having different avenues to apply what they have learned. Seems exciting, right? That is because there is no truth in the restrictive nature of these courses.

TIP: Examine the syllabus of the programme or degree by looking at the subjects, requirements, and everything else. It helps you find out whether a particular educational plan works for you or the career you are taking. Lastly, professional development in Singapore comes in many forms, so there is no need to limit yourself to one activity or programme as long as things work for you.

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