Flower power!

It has been found that flowers have an incredible way to convey a message that words cannot and this is very much so when you have to wish people who are unwell or are convalescing. When you include flowers with your own words the effect that it creates is quite massive. They can be a very potent combination to heal people and also to lighten up the mood and also wish someone on their important anniversary or a birthday. There is a daily need for flowers as the friends and family celebrate some occasion or the other each day and to say it with flowers you can reach out to the katong flower shop and have it done the best way possible.

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Unique collection:

  • The shop has some of the unique collection of flowers and foliage that go into the making of the floral arrangement in a beautiful bouquet that you can proudly send it to your dear and near ones as well as the friends and colleagues for various occasions.
  • The details of each of this floral arrangement are given on the webpage. They come in a variety of combination of flowers and also the size of the flowers also is maintained in order to build harmony in the bouquet.
  • The price of the package is also available right beside the package. They also undertake the addition of other gifting items which you can book such as chocolates and other additions in order to go with the festive mode.
  • Whatever the occasion festival you have the best bouquet to greet people with.
  • The bouquet is packed in a bow formation with the right backing of the best quality paper or cloth and also in a basket pack which is even better and rich looking.
  • They are organized into a catalogue with the names and the price and they are organized also on the basis of category. They are created in order to stand out in front of several gifts and they are delivered at the stipulated time and date.

You have no need to carry them bouquet during the heavy traffic hours and get the delicate flowers crushed amid the rush so that you can make use of the unique and one of a kind service from katong flower shop.