Best apps for Parental Control

Kids and electronic devices are a deadly combination. If your child is in a growing phase, you need to keep a close check on their activities. If your child has just started using a smartphone, you will need to analyse how they’re moving. Well, if you know how to install webwatcher, you wouldn’t have a tough time spying on your child. 

Many apps help you keep a check on what your child has been doing. However, if you are concerned about your child’s privacy, you shouldn’t get too nosy about it. But, using these child monitoring apps is essential if you want to protect your child from being bullied. Moreover, with each passing day, a new social media app is coming up. Hence, it would help if you taught your children about social media safety as well. 

Popular apps for monitoring child safety

If you want to keep track of your child’s safety, you need to get your hands on the right app. Some of the popular apps with effective parental control features include the following

  • WebWatcher


WebWatcher is indeed one of the most popular software platforms with parental control features. It helps you track the location of your child while maintaining security. If the device suspects that your child is in some trouble, it will immediately send an email warning. Further, you can quickly get access to the data. However, the only drawback is that the premium version that provides accurate information is slightly expensive. 

  1. MamaBear

Are you worried about what your child has been doing online? Then, this is just the right app for you. MamaBear provides a wide range of features such as location tracking, social media monitoring and more. Using the social media monitoring feature, you can keep a tab on your child’s social media activities. You will also receive a notification if the teen drives over the mentioned speed limit. Even the free version provides various information that can be extremely helpful. 

  1. DinnerTime

The main concern of every parent is their child’s routine. If your child is using a smartphone continuously, there are high chances that their routine is already disturbed. With the help of the DinnerTime app, you can remotely lock your child’s device after a certain period. They can further use this time to interact with family or focus on schoolwork. The free version works on a single device, but the premium version will control five kids’ devices, thereby preventing the kids from being distracted. 

  1. YouTube Kids

Gone are the days when only adults used YouTube. Even kids these days are very much interested in YouTube. However, being on YouTube too much isn’t safe either. The YouTube Kids contains all kid-friendly videos. Furthermore, it also contains the parental control feature to lock the child’s profile, remove inappropriate content and set a timer to limit the screen time. 


Your child’s safety is extremely important. With technology becoming more advanced, kids are active in using these devices too. As parents, you should keep a check on what your child is up to once you provide them with these expensive gadgets.