The Best Facial Treatment Aftercare Tips In Singapore

It is typical for people to feel jittery before their session for the best facial and acne treatment in Singapore.Some even overly prepare themselves by cleansing their bodies internally and externally and getting plenty of sleep. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, the more prepared your body is for the facial or any medical treatment, the better.

However, people should also have the same attitude towards the treatment aftercare. After all, the aftercare also affects the final result of the best facial procedure in Singapore.

No matter how successful your treatment is, if you mess up with aftercare by skipping prescribed medications, not wearing sunscreen, and applying makeup too early, you will ruin the work of the treatment. Much worse, it could lead to irritation and infection.

To prevent these unfortunate situations from happening, you must read this article.

Facial Treatment Aftercare Tips In Singapore

Believe it or not, the aftercare period is an extension of your treatment. During this period, the patient must aid their recovery by following the doctor’s instructions and watching for signs of complications, including infection.

Once you have passed the aftercare period and no issues arose, congratulations! You have officially finished the best facial treatment session in Singapore.

Here are the general aftercare tips for the best facial and acne treatment in Singapore:

1. Avoid applying makeup and skincare products.

Keep your acne treatment products from Singapore in the cabinet for a little while because you won’t need them at least six hours after your treatment.

As much as possible, avoid applying heavy makeup and harsh skincare products on your skin hours or a day after the procedure. Why is it forbidden?

Firstly, your skin is still raw from deep cleansing. The pores are still open, and minuscule cracks on your skin are present. Besides the chemicals and substances in your makeup that can irritate your raw skin, the bacteria on your makeup brushes can penetrate the scrapes and cuts and cause infection.

Secondly, your makeup and skincare products can interfere with the treatment that is still taking effect during the aftercare period.

It is better to give your face time off after the best facial in Singapore.

2. Avoid picking at your skin.

No matter how itchy or tingly your face feels, avoid touching and scratching them with your hands or other unsterile items.

Firstly, your fingers and nails harbour various germs that could cause infection once transmitted to your raw skin.

Secondly, popping zits, removing blackheads and whiteheads, and peeling off hanging dry skin can irritate the skin more. Remember, your skin is still raw and fresh; any contact with abrasive or sharp materials, such as your nails, could nick the skin and lead to scarring.

Thirdly, you are spreading the bacteria on your face. Popping your zits is already forbidden under typical circumstances as it disperses the acne-causing bacteria. How much more when your pores are wide and open after the best acne treatment in Singapore?

Make sure to wash your hands properly before gently touching your face.

3. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Sunlight is the primary source of heat. One of the reasons why estheticians recommend using sunscreen on the face when going outdoors is because the skin is too raw to manage UV rays.

After the best acne treatment in Singapore, your skin still yet creates natural protection from UV rays; thus, applying sunscreen can minimise sun damage.

So as much as possible, avoid sunbathing in the meantime. Use sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and an umbrella when going outside.

Moreover, going into saunas or sitting and standing near the grill is also a no-no.

Besides the minuscule particles in the smoke that could stick to your face, your skin has undergone high-temperature sessions during the best facial in Singapore. Giving another dose of extremely high temperature could cause the capillaries on your face to bust.

4. Abstain from alcohol and smoking.


The best facial treatment aftercare tips in Singapore are not all about the skin. It is also about your overall health.

It is advisable for patients who have undergone any medical treatment to avoid alcohol and smoking weeks and months after the procedure.

In the case of facial treatments, alcohol slows down the healing process. Most importantly, indulging in excessive alcohol ages your skin faster.

On the other hand, tobacco smoking, similar to grilling, produces harmful and toxic smoke particles that could stick to your raw and open skin. It could damage your skin and cause infection.

Furthermore, the chemicals in cigarettes speed up the skin ageing process, countering the promised effects of the best facial procedure in Singapore.

It is vital to abstain from drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking weeks or months after the treatment.

5. Stay hydrated and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

There is no other way to speed recovery from the best acne treatment in Singapore than eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water.

Firstly, fruits and vegetables help provide essential nutrients to your body for healing. The skin absorbs these nutrients from the blood and quickens skin regeneration and repair.

Secondly, vitamins and minerals also strengthen the immune system that fights off infection.

Thirdly, staying hydrated keeps your skin from drying. Water makes your skin moisturised and younger-looking!

Lastly, drinking plenty of water helps improve blood circulation. A good blood circulation means the entire body receives the nutrients and oxygen supply it needs efficiently; therefore, faster healing and an improved immune system.


Why should people pay attention to the best facial treatment aftercare in Singapore?

Aftercare helps you maximise the effects of your facial treatment. It allows the skin to absorb the benefits of the treatment.

It helps you achieve your skin goals sooner and prolongs the result of the best facial treatment in Singapore as you avoid habits and activities that damage the skin.

So it is vital to deal with the aftercare with the same vigour you had when preparing for the facial treatment.

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