Tags, Contents and More for the Small Business SEO

Strong tags are useful for bolding parts of your text. They have algorithmic weight for the engines and are used to convey important ideas to your readers. You need to know the following for making the whole process perfect.

The strong tag in the code:

Its preview in the article:

Internal and external linking

Through your content, it is important to link certain ideas or concepts with others, in order to allow your readers to learn more. 

  • Either internally with links to other pages or articles, or externally to official content or other sources of information. This practice will strengthen your internal network and will facilitate navigation for your Internet users.


The technical structure of your pages is also involved in optimizing your small business seo. And in particular through the title and meta-description tags, the rich snippets and the alt attributes of your images.

Title tags

The title tag is your biggest weapon during your internal optimizations. It has considerable weight in the engine algorithm and appears as the first trigger when an Internet user clicks among the various results in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).


Each page on your site should contain a unique title tag. Its display is limited to 60 characters and its structure, once optimized, must be similar to this model:

As often as possible, position your keywords at the beginning of the title tag to optimize its impact.

Meta-description tags

The role of the meta-description tag is a bit different. It has no weight in the engine algorithm, its role is purely marketing. Its objective: to encourage the user to click on your site, and not on that of your competitors. Its display is limited to 156 characters.

Info gives you all his advice to go further and optimize this tag:

The alt attributes of your images

The images you upload cannot be read in the same way by Internet users as by robots. The latter can only decipher the meaning of an image through an attribute that is given to it: the alt attribute. It must therefore also be optimized.

The name of your photos is also important:


We told you in a previous article, SEO Services is important from the design of your website. Indeed, many elements must be taken into account as soon as possible.

This is the case with the 3-click rule, which says that if an Internet user does not find the information they need in less than 3 clicks, they will leave your site to look for the information elsewhere. From there, the entire tree structure of your site and the internal structure of your pages must be optimized to comply with this rule.