Supporting the Retail Industry in Bristol for a Safer Return to Work

Supporting the Retail Industry in Bristol for a Safer Return to Work

The retail sector in Bristol is one of the sectors in the city that has been hit the hardest during the coronavirus pandemic. As hospitality and leisure experienced tremendous loss, so did the retail industry. Non-essential retailers had been closed since March until June 2020. Restaurants, cafes, and bars only opened up in July. Then, physical distancing became the new reality in the city as residents tried to follow SOPs.

Compared to other cities in the UK, Bristol has started coming back to life. Most retail outlets are finally reopening which is why it is crucial to ensure that everyone gets back to work safely. It is integral to combating economic recession and boosting consumer confidence. One of the major concerns of the public has been safety. Theft and burglary have been on the rise since COVID-19. Hence, it is important for retail companies to invest in providing sufficient security to their staff and customers. Besides, the last thing one needs is a break-in that affects their business activities and overall company image.

Need for Security!

To support the retail industry to work at optimal levels, there is a need for security guards in Bristol. Restaurateurs, publicans, and retailers across Bristol have done a great job to keep the city secure from COVID-19. However, to continue supporting these efforts, it is vital that employees safely return to work and do not have to worry about security.

Bristol Security personnel have been working behind the scenes and have supported the retail industry significantly. This is why it makes sense to keep the business premises safe and open for business. Besides, people are more likely to visit a store that has security guards present. It also helps deter petty crime which has been on the rise.

The Bristol City Center BID consists of 763 retail, hospitality, and leisure businesses that collaborate together to support each other and ensure a steady return to normalcy. They have contributed towards ensuring that the city is a great place for everyone.

The safety of Bristol city center is of paramount importance. It needs to be safe for people to work, live, study, and spend their free time walking around this gorgeous city. There is so much potential that the city has to offer.

Numerous initiatives have been introduced by the Bristol City Center BID to address all types of issues including anti-social behavior. Events like the Bristol Light Festival is said to bring a return to the good old times. It is expected to bring £6m economic benefit which is great news for the residents of the city. To keep the city safe, retail businesses need to invest in security by hiring a security company.


Bristol has survived the coronavirus pandemic which showcases its resilience. To ensure that everything remains in perfect condition, retail businesses have a responsibility to provide a secure environment to everyone. There is no excuse for overlooking security as it is the single-most important issue facing the city.