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Commercial Flooring Available in Many Different Varieties to Suit the Best for Your Space

While selecting your flooring materials from several flooring companies, it is important to check various maintenance requirements because they can play a very big role in the overall cost of your flooring product.

Due to the construction boom, there is a big surge in commercial flooring companies to offer you a practical and also aesthetically-pleasing flooring solution. As your building will age, property owners will go for remodelling worn surfaces for reducing any work-related injuries and also reduce repair and maintenance expenses. 

Therefore, these days you can find many different varieties of commercial floors mushrooming on the market.

Let us, therefore, discuss a few common varieties of commercial flooring that are available on the market.

  • Quarry tile

Quarry tiles are a very durable flooring product, although so far as design versatility is concerned, it may offer a little choice, however, you can get these tiles in earth tones and also in different colours and in standard sizes of 8×8 or 6×6 squares.

  • Carpet tile

Carpet tiles are very long-lasting and easy to maintain. If your broadloom carpet gets ruined, then you need to replace your entire roll of carpet. If any carpet tile ever gets stained, then you can easily replace that tile.

  • Luxury vinyl tile

In terms of maintenance, luxury vinyl tile will be your best option. Initially, the maintenance cost will be much cheaper however, in the longer run, you need to do constant stripping, polishing, and waxing to protect.

  • Epoxy flooring systems

These epoxy flooring systems are cheaper to install, easily maintainable, and can last longer. If the top coatings are correctly applied then they will be totally chemical and abrasion-resistant for many years.

  • Polished concrete

Polished concrete is very easy to install and also cheap to maintain. First, you need to treat the concrete substrate by using a chemical densifier then polish it with a grinder, and sealant is applied. 

  • Stained concrete

Concrete can be transformed in many ways through staining. This kind of easy-to-clean surface can always be customized to mimic plenty of other more expensive materials, such as marble, wood, and natural stone.

  • Hardwood

Solid wood flooring will last longer than many other commercial floorings, but it will be much more expensive. However, wood flooring will offer an elegant appearance, and you can easily remove dust and dirt. Similar to a carpet, here too moisture can become an issue too.

  • Laminates

Such laminate wood floorings are engineered to be hygienic, durable, and also easy to maintain. Also, this type of flooring will usually be waterproof. While laminates will be less expensive than your hardwood floors, but these surfaces are difficult to repair if damaged.

  • Rubber

This material can offer to cushion and reduce any injury or fatigue particularly in commercial kitchens, hospitals, gyms, and schools. Rubber can be slip-resistant, sound-absorbant, comfortable, and easy to maintain, but in the longer run discoloration can occur.

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