Some exclusive and expensive bars you should know about in Melbourne

Melbourne is a vibrant city and the nightlife is unprecedented. Whether you a looking for an out of the way spot or, a neighborhood bar, a dive bar, a bar or a classy joint, Melbourne has it all. Whether you are an occasional tippler or someone who likes a beer or two at the end of each day or a place to hang out with your friends and allow the booze to flow. Ask around from the locals and your family and friends to find the best bar in the city. Money is always a factor you have to consider because a night out on a bar crawl with friends can run into the hundreds. However, consider how everything costs money. You pay to socialize outside of your home and work, you pay to celebrate milestone events, you pay to network and most of all these events involve alcohol. It pays to know what your local bar in Melbourne is charging and if the price of the drinks is justifiable. You may be astounded by the amount you actually pay on boozing it up at your local drinking hole. Remember: buying your liquor from a liquor store in bulk is different than ordering drink after drink at a bar. A bar not only charges you more for drinks but also 

If your mission is to party like it’s 1999, there are plenty of Melbourne bars that might offer that the wildness you are looking for a night out. Bars have to work their pricing into the overhead costs of running a business like that; they will add a few cents or dollars to the price of drinks. 

Working out how much your drinking affects your pocket at the end of the day may be hard to work out. It’s just one of those things most people take for granted. Of course research scientists are always trying to tie up alcohol and how it affects your behavior and its impact on the economy in the long run. Bars are different and so is the alcohol they serve and the prices they charge for this alcohol. Your spending on alcohol will obviously be significantly more if you choose to visit upscale bars.

Best Bars Melbourne

Melbourne has a world-class bar and pub scene with great venues on every laneway and corner. There is something special to suit every taste. From new and noteworthy spots to tried and true establishments. For instance, Lucky Coq Windsor is popular with the young crowd because it serves not just alcohol but great pizza at a low price of less than $5.00. There are some snazzy bars that are worth a visit if you can afford the expensive booze.


  • Eau De Vie

Eau De Vie had a heady combination of exclusivity, great music, and a crowd-pleasing atmosphere. It has a whiskey bar with rare and exclusive whiskies for connoisseurs. 

  • Showgirls Bar 20

Melbourne’s original strip club bar. This bar is freshly built has the ambiance that ordinary bars don’t have with hot girls as entertainment, It serves a variety of drinks and offers VIP bottle service. It has always been a popular bar in Melbourne where queues would form outside the venue. This hasn’t changed, but the wait has always been worth the wait. 

  1. Siglo

Siglo is a sophisticated bar, which serves good food. You can expect an impressive menu with meals that include Jamon ham, Foie Gras Pate, and even Caviar. This small establishment offers European fare with an Australian twist, but you should be prepared to pay a little bit more. 

The Bottom line: Melbourne is the envy of all cities in Australia. These bars and adult entertainment venues are virtually everywhere. The city has landmark sites that are so beautiful, but knowing which bar to pick can be a chore but there is always something to suit any experience you might try to get. Know the kind of bar you should be looking for and check customer reviews to have an idea of what you can expect to buy.