7 tips for maintaining a good landlord and tenant relation

If you are a landlord, you can understand how important it is to have a good relationship with your tenant. A good relationship with the tenant may make your life peaceful whereas, any disturbance in the landlord-tenant relation can cause lots of havoc in your life. A good relationship for a tenant means less interference of landlord in their life and fast response to property related issue. For landlords, a good relationship means timely rent payment. A good landlord-tenant relationship is a win-win situation for both. A healthy landlord and tenant relationship can last for many decades.

Just like any other relationship, communication and being respectful is very important for a tenant-landlord relationship. Some Tips that may help both landlord and tenant in maintaining good relationship are discussed below.

Hiring the right team: For landlords, it is very important to decide the level of involvement they want to have with their tenants. In case you don’t want to have any direct involvement then it is very important to hire the right attorney to deal with your tenants. You may opt for hiring a building manager. He would be responsible for rent collection and other property related issues like maintenance. In case, you are looking for guidance on Riverside Eviction process, visit this page

Unless you want to deal with your tenants yourself then its advisable to form a team of your own. This team includes on-call vendors who would take care of any property related problems. This includes maintenance as well as eviction.

Be communicative: Communication plays a very crucial rule in a relationship. Every tenant has certain expectation regarding the property same is with landlords. It is always better for both the parties to communicate their requirements to each other in clear terms. A clear understanding may form a strong base for healthy tenant-landlord communication.

It is important that both parties follow the path of honesty. For example, if due to some reason a tenant is not able to pay the rent on time it is always advisable to communicate the same to the landlord. Hiding facts or lying about your financial situation may result in a complication. In the extreme case, a landlord may decide to go for the Eviction process.

Be available but not too available: A good landlord should always stay available for the tenants. By being available means returning tenants calls and replying their texts. In case, you won’t be available, give them the contact details of the person next in line. Try to resolve their issues regarding maintenance of the property.

However, it is also important to not to cross the line between being available and invading your tenant’s privacy. It might be your property, but it’s the place where your tenants live. Hence it is always better to inform your tenant before your visit. Invading your tenant’s privacy may spoil your relationship.

Always inform your tenant regarding any increase in rent: In case of market-rate properties, the decision of raising the rent amount lies with the landlord. To maintain a good relationship with your tenants, it is always better to give prior notice to them about the expected hike in the rent. As per local laws, the notice period may vary from 30 days to 60 days. Another thing that may help you in maintaining the relationship with your tenant is to be transparent. Talk to your tenants and tell them the reason behind increasing the rent amount. In case you have a liking for your tenant, and you want them to continue living in your property then be open for negotiations.

Always fulfill your promises: Trust plays a very important role in a relationship. Hence always deliver what you have promised. Be it fixing a small plumbing issue to getting the property repainted. In case you fail to fulfill your promise, it might act as a first crack in the landlord-tenant relationship foundation.

Be proactive: A proactive approach towards problem-solving will help you in keeping your property in good condition. Delay on your behalf in answering your tenant’s complaints may cause more harm to your own property. You might end up spending much more on it then what you could be spending at the very first complaint of your tenant.

Handling Eviction: Understanding the eviction process is very important. Evictions in Riverside, CA are of several kinds:

Breach in the lease agreement

Non-payment of rent

Non-permitted use of the property

Selling drugs

Unauthorized pets

Unauthorized occupants

In case, due to some unavoidable circumstances, you have to end your relationship with your tenant, then you may have to opt for the eviction process. If you had a good relationship with your tenant in the past, it may not be difficult for you. If you didn’t share a good relationship with your tenant or tenant does not vacate your property you should follow the eviction process as per the law. The eviction process can be quite complicated. It is better to take help from the experts. Hire an attorney specializes in the Eviction process.

Transparency, honesty, compassion, and communication form the four pillars of a landlord and tenant relationship. Try your best to have a good relationship with your tenant as it will make your life much more comfortable.