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Quick Fixes to Troubleshoot the Problem Preventing the Air Conditioner from Turning On

When we come back home after a hard day at work, all we want to do is to turn on the air conditioner, switch on the television, and unwind. What is knew that after reaching home today, your favorite comfort companion is not going to work? It will be frustrating right.

We all have to face such a situation from time to time when our air conditioners refuse to start. While you might need a professional hand to identify and rectify the issue that is causing the problem, sometimes the solutions are simple and a quick fix can give you back your comfort zone without causing much frustration.

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Simple ways to fix minor problems that are causing the problem with the air conditioner

The first step is to identify the problem. Once identified, we can evaluate if we can do it ourselves or need a professional hand. Some common reasons that can cause this malfunctioning are:

1.   Problem with the thermostat:

  • Before you start panicking, first check the thermostat. If it is off, the appliances of your house will not function.
  • Change the settings of the thermostat to cool about 5 degrees less than room temperature and wait before checking the air conditioner again.

2.   Inadequate refrigerant:

  • Check the refrigerant level and evaluate if there is any leakage.
  • It can occur over time especially if you have not called for regular servicing of the appliance.
  • Call a professional to help you in rectifying the issue.

3.   Clogged and dirty air filters:

  • Dust accumulation over time can clog the air filters which could be the cause of your air conditioner not working.
  • This can be done at home every month. Let the ice melt before cleaning the filters thoroughly and dry them completely before putting the filters back.

4.   Problem with the capacitor:

  • Listen for some clicking sounds; it could be coming because of a dead capacitor.
  • Call a professional for the replacement of the capacitor and do not attempt to change it yourself.

5.   Problem with the circuit breaker:

  • In case of a sudden power surge in the grid, the circuit breaker can trip.
  • Try to turn off the circuit breaker supplying the air conditioner and wait for some time before turning it on again.
  • See, if it works and if trips again, call an Electrician Perth.

There could be other reasons like a damaged motor, or a clogged drainpipe that could be causing the problem or the air conditioner fails to turn on because it is either too old or has been lying dormant for quite a while. In such scenarios, call an expert to identify and resolve the problem.

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