Best Unlimited Data NBN Plans For You To Choose From

As we rely on technology from time to time, we prove that our devices hold our life more than anything else since it may contain our bank accounts, work requirements, and our social life. Having fast Internet access at home and work will be one of the factors that can ease the tension and stress a person is feeling because of its fast-loading speed and hassle-free transactions. Most of our errands can be done through online payment such as electricity bills; therefore, it is vital to have an Internet connection anytime and anywhere. Contact a network company based in Singapore.

One of the struggles an individual with a hectic schedule is facing is losing Internet access when they go out of their home or the building where he or she works. Therefore, with this article, you can see the providers together with their unlimited data NBN plans in which you can avail at a reasonable price and experience a quality connection wherever you are. 

  • Belong’s Premium Data Plan

Belong is not a new brand for most users since they have established their brand through their fast broadband network and remarkable customer service. Because of their quality performance, people are encouraged to use their plans despite all the new brands appearing everywhere. Most of the latest brands tend to cater to the same packages that Belong offers, but because of their performance, people chose to use their broadband service still. Indeed, it is true that with Belong not only your Internet connection will be secured by you and your family’s future as well.

All of the data plans offered by Belong are unlimited, but the premium data plan is the one recommended for people who are always on the go and need Internet access whenever they are. With a speed of 80 Mbps every month, you can download anything wherever you are, and Internet disconnection and lags would not come to existence since Belong assured that they would never disappoint their customers. For $95, it is an excellent investment because there is no contract needed and you terminate your subscription anytime you want without any additional charges. Thus, if you would like to purchase a modem, a one-time payment will be given for an amount of $155, but the price may vary because new buildings do not have NBN connections. Therefore, your provider is needed to place a system where the NBN will be connected.

  • TPG’s NBN 100

TPG is one of the pioneers in the telecommunications industry. Partnered with various large and established companies, they indeed have the trust of the people. Most of the large enterprises in the country entrust their corporations to the group of companies since they have quality broadband network service regardless of where you can use it. They ensured that whether a large company, a small business, or an Internet for household utilization, TPG is the one to choose. With their well-trained workers and professional teams, customers have always been satisfied with their performance because they continually experience lag-free streaming and no sudden disconnection even if various people use the Internet all at once.

Just like Belong, TPG offers unlimited data on all of their bundles, but for people who live in a home where multiple individuals use the Internet at the same time, NBN 100 is the best for you. This data plan is also perfect for small and starting businesses since it is affordable and perfect for a hassle-free transaction between you and your customers. At a speed of 80Mbps and an amount of $89.99 every month, it is a good deal since the price would not compromise your budget for other necessities. At the same time, your family would enjoy and experience a fun movie night without the annoyance of delays and endless buffering. Therefore, TPG is the only way to help you create and prepare fun and enjoyable family bonding without stepping out of your home.

  • MyRepublic’s Unlimited Gamer Pro 

MyRepublic has been growing and progressing and is prominent to the Asia Pacific countries. They plan to expand and have their telecommunication company across the globe to provide people with a reliable and quality broadband network whenever and wherever you are. Creating connection through a boundless platform helped them bring people close together despite the distance. They want to provide a people-centric system to their users; therefore, they believe that having a close connection with their customers will help them develop a harmonious relationship with each other to prevent miscommunications.

MyRepublic started a new promo package, especially for gamers since they flourished due to high demand and an increase in audience interest. One of the boxes under the gaming industry brought by the company is the Unlimited Gamer Pro. It consists of 50Mpbs unlimited Internet usage with a monthly cost of $79.00 but not only that, but the package also features, PAYG home phone, static IP address, reduction of air traffic, custom routing, and live latency trafficking. Various products can partner with this package, such as a gaming chair and Wi-Fi routers that can be located on different parts of your home.