Most Effective Solutions for the Online Marketing Details Now

Online marketing for the small business owner is very important! As an entrepreneur, you are now aware that launching a website or facebook page is only the beginning of your visibility as a company. You also want to do something in that area, but the offers and terms are flying around your ears. Also the associated amounts, it is all not nothing. In this article, we hope to give you some guidance on what you can do as a small business owner to increase your visibility.We therefore give you a number of practical tips that you can get started with. In addition, you can work with a wish list so that you can always go the extra mile at your own pace. In this article we assume that you have a number of basic ingredients such as a logo and a website.

Our tips:

Is it clear what your website is about when you are on the homepage? Does this website appeal to you and why? What am we selling? What would you improve? Make a short list of these questions and ask at least 10 people in your network to answer these questions in a maximum of 5 words per answer. When you start, you often tend to share very personal information first. What you might prefer is that people find your website a reason to buy from you. Someone with a little more distance often sees this clearly. This information is incredibly valuable. Don’t be put off by this criticism, stay with yourself.

  • Organize your social media professionally and always make sure that the contact details are prominent. Report on your pages what added value you provide, where you can help someone else.
  • Regularly write pieces of text about your course. Preferably use a topical subject. Post this article on your website and post a link on social media. This will attract visitors to your website.

SEO and SEA are container terms

Remember, there is no magic bullet that will put you at the top of Google. SEO is a collective term for online marketing. It makes sense to work with an expert as soon as you have a number of things very clear: Who is my target group, what do we want to achieve with my website and where is my target group located. Can you answer these questions? Then SEO can be interesting to get started with. Find someone who is right for you and who can clearly tell you what he or she does for you. There are many horns on the market who claim to have THE miracle cure, unfortunately many empty promises are made in this. SEA means online advertising. This is quite expensive and you should first ask yourself what you want to achieve with it.

Make sure you are seen as the specialist and not the home tinkerer. Realize that you really only have 1 chance at a first   impression. A professional appearance that has been carefully considered in advance is indispensable. Good photos as an accompaniment are also very valuable and contribute to making that unforgettable impression. A self-made logo is very personal, but does it convey the right thing?

And finally: Make at least half a day a week free for your marketing and sales and above all, go!