When and where You Can Be Ready with a Wedding ring

The selection of wedding rings should be started at least three months before the wedding. This ensures sufficient time for decisions and delivery times. It should be borne in mind that in the jewelry stores mostly only “dummies”, i.e. fake sample models, are available and ordering, making and delivering your own wedding rings usually takes at least two weeks. When choosing the Wedding Rings, an expert should be at your side: It is advisable to contact a trusted jeweler and allow yourself enough time for the selection. Here you will find helpful tips for buying wedding rings:

General tips

Research offer: Research the various offers in advance, for example in wedding magazines, at wedding fairs or on the Internet.

Take your time when choosing: The wedding rings will accompany the couple for a lifetime and should therefore be chosen carefully. A relaxed atmosphere in the jewelry store is of course an advantage.

Make the selection in pairs: The wedding rings are important for both partners, so both should make the selection together.

Looking for advice: professional advice is important. Of course you determine the material and pattern, but an expert can help you with questions such as material quality, suitability for everyday use, wearing comfort, engraving options and special requests.

Timelessness takes precedence over modern chic: Since the wedding rings should be worn for many decades, a simple, timeless design is often more recommendable than choosing a fad.

Combine appearance with wearing comfort: The rings should please the couple, but they have to be comfortable to wear. The jeweler should make it possible for the wearing comfort to be selected individually by choosing a certain inner ring shape, even if this means that the groom and bride choose different rings. The same look from the outside should still be possible (if this is desired).

Consider delivery time: The rings are made individually. It therefore takes a few weeks (usually at least two weeks) until these are ready for collection.

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Budget for the wedding rings

It is worthwhile to find out about prices and offers for wedding rings in advance (at best about six months before the wedding). A budget should be agreed with the partner. Of course, the price of the wedding rings should not exceed your own budget. On the other hand, the wedding rings are an acquisition as part of the wedding that will be worn every day and for a lifetime even after the celebration. If you compare how much is spent on the average for the wedding dress that is only worn for one day, then you should not save on the wedding rings. Many newlyweds plan 15% of their total budget for the wedding rings. During the selection process, there are other factors to consider in addition to timing and budget. These are discussed below.

Explore the offer: take your time

Those who have hardly worn any jewelry before may simply be “overwhelmed” by the selection of wedding rings. Do not let yourself be disturbed. Sooner or later you too will find a suitable pair of rings. You will surely get important suggestions from family or friends. Look at the rings of your parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances and think about what you like about them and what you don’t. Feel free to ask how the rings are worn, where they were bought, whether the seller can be recommended and whether the respective ring bearer can give tips and tricks. Bridal magazines, brochures from dealers, the current catalogs from wedding ring manufacturers, wedding fairs, websites and portals provide further information. You will quickly find out that the wedding project is quite demanding. A visit to a jewelry shop, goldsmith or jeweler also offers a wealth of information. But you don’t have to choose any pair of rings straight away. Take your time making your choice, ask questions and gather information. Don’t buy a pair of rings just to get this checked off the list. Don’t buy until you both agree that you have found your dream rings.

Use wedding ring configurators

More and more retailers are now offering a wedding ring configurator with which the couple can put together their own dream rings. In most cases, they can be operated by inexperienced PC users and can be of great help when choosing the rings. In the meantime, wedding ring configurators are also available on-site in the shop, at which customers sit in the shop, often in the company of a consultant, to put together their desired rings. Usually a price for the ring is given when putting it together. Wedding ring configurators can help to give shape to your own ideas and wishes. Professional advice is nevertheless appropriate because explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of the materials used and the desired combinations are often not offered in the configurator. It is not possible to try on the independently assembled rings before production. As soon as the rings are made, however, changing the size is often problematic, and exchanging them anyway. Use ring configurators to make your ideas more specific, but don’t forego professional advice from professionals.

Choose together

Since wedding rings are bought in pairs, they should also be selected in pairs. Your wedding rings do not have to be identical, but they should at least complement each other visually. In most cases, men’s rings are rather plain anyway, while women’s rings can also be more playful, luscious or contain a gemstone. Even if wedding planners are becoming more and more fashionable these days, buying wedding rings is not something that can be delegated. You have to do it yourself.

Trend rings or classics?

Since the wedding ring should hopefully be worn for a very long time, many couples opt for classic ring pairs that will still look classy in a few years. If you still want to follow the current trends, you can only hope that the trendy ring will still be well received in a few years’ time or that enough money will then be available to purchase new trendy rings.

In terms of wedding rings, fashion has changed dramatically over the centuries anyway. The design, material, thickness and width of the ring are not only subject to changes in taste and the current fashion trend, but also reflect technical progress and the respective prices for the common precious metals. The wedding ring industry experienced a significant boom after the Second World War and has seen considerable development since then.