Keys To Running In Winter: Material, Clothes, And Tips

Wearing the proper clothing with the necessary layers and not forgetting your head, hands, and feet are some of the keys to dressing for outdoor sports in winter.

Although shoes are the main element for running, clothing also plays a vital role so that in your training and races, you feel comfortable and improve your performance.

Going for a run or exercising outdoors is full of positive effects, even when it is cold, but when winter arrives, it is essential to choose sportswear well, so that it does not bother us when exercising, but that it helps us be warmly dressed. Let us know then, tips to dress for outdoor sports in winter and mistakes to avoid.

Comes the winter and cold. Weather conditions should not be an excuse to play sports. Exercise should not be lacking in a time full of shortbread, nougat, and other copious meals. We tell you all the keys you need to know, from materials, clothing, and tips, so running in winter is more bearable.

Winter Running Gear

  • Arm strap for mobile: rain or snow can make the terrain difficult, increasing the possibility of falling. If a lucky accident occurs, carrying your mobile will allow you to contact the emergency services if you suffer a severe injury.
  • Thermal clothing: Thermal tights and shirts are easy to buy. Don’t go for a run without being warm enough.
  • Gloves: running with bare hands can cause pain in them when exposed to cold. Thermal gloves will suffice.
  • Waterproof socks: socks with Gore-Tex fabric will keep your feet dry and warm. This will help you warm up and prevent injuries.

Tips For Running In Winter

  • Proper warm-up: Going for a run-in winter without warming up can significantly increase your chances of injury. Warming up is always essential in exercise, but even more so in cold weather when the muscles can be tense and stiff.
  • Motivation: running in winter can be expensive, weight if you lack motivation, exercise excesses will allow you to burn excesses. You can also see motivational phrases to help you decide.
  • Let yourself be seen: at this time of year, it gets dark earlier. If you are going to run in dark areas and the afternoon, it is best to wear a garment that attracts attention due to its color. You can also wear a headlight. In this way, you can be visualized by car drivers and avoid being hit.