Human Behaviors that Dogs Hate and Wish You Wouldn’t Do

A dog is more than just a pet they are a family member whose life you are responsible for. There are certain human behaviours that dogs secretly hate. Dogs often tolerate these behaviours because they are loyal and easy going. 

In this article we will discuss the top 7 human behaviours that dogs hate and wish you wouldn’t do. 

#1 Dinner Time Interruptions

If someone kept touching you during your dinner time you’d get annoyed. When your dog is eating respect their bliss and let them be. Place the dish in a low traffic area and instruct all your family members to let the dog eats in peace. Minimize dish handling and let your pooch enjoy its meal.

#2 Same Food Over And Over

Dogs don’t like it when you eat the best food and all they get is dog food. Prepare a special meal for your furry friend every now and then and let them enjoy their favourite dish. Luckily, you do not need to drastically change your dog’s food on a daily basis. Dogs have only a fraction of the taste buds that humans have which means they don’t get bored of eating the same food as often as humans do. 

#3 Being Put Away When Friends Come Over

Dogs are very social animals. Keeping your dog in the backyard and ignoring them when your friends come over is like solitary confinement for your dog. By letting them out while your guests are over your dog will get a chance to bond with your friends. And they will also learn to behave better around new people. 

#4 Cleaning Them To Often

Dogs keep themselves clean in their own special way and their body sense is a way of communicating with other dogs or animals. If you wash your dog too frequently when they aren’t actually dirty, you are doing them no favours. Likewise when you wash your dog it’s important not to use scented products. The smell of scented shampoos on their fur may send them running straight outside to roll on the stenchiest thing they can find. This is because they want to change their body scent. 

#5 Being Scolded Without Understanding why

You may be upset or angry because your dog has done something you don’t like. But it’s important to remember that dogs don’t understand what they have done wrong or what is going on. By scolding your pet you are passing your anger and negativity without addressing the main problem. This can create stress and confusion in your dog. By using positive reinforcement you can reward the behaviours you like and ignore the behaviours you dislike. 

#6 Forced Socialization 

Although dogs are pack animals it doesn’t mean they want to socialize all the time. Think about it do you want to talk with any person you meet on the street? Just like humans dogs simply don’t like bonding with certain dogs. If your furry friend is aggressive towards some dogs don’t keep forcing them to gather expecting them to warm up to each other.

#7 Over Exercise

Fir people who go for daily runs or bike rides often take their dogs with them for company. But extended runs can be hard or harmful for certain breeds or senior dogs. For instance, short nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs have respiratory issues that are not good for running long distances. If your dog is older than eight always consult with your vet and get their advice for the exercise requirement.

Sum Up

Dogs are such kind of animal who are emotionally attached with their owner. Do give plenty of attention to your dog because it makes them happy every time. There are many more things to know about dog’s dislikes and likes. If you need any kind of assistance visit our website 360 dog walker.