How You Can See Examples of Commercial Design Everywhere

Have you ever stopped to think about how interior design (and design in general) have changed the urban landscape? We wouldn’t have our beautiful houses, condominium units, apartments, and other homes without it. Interior design has helped us appreciate the aesthetics of our living spaces and gain functional spaces that let us live comfortably.

But it’s not only families and individuals who benefit from the use of interior design. Other entities, such as organisations and businesses, also need a great design for their spaces. Commercial or retail interior design in Singapore plays a vital part in many sectors.

How commercial design impacts your business in surprising ways

When we think about commercial design, most of us point out obvious benefits such as increased functionality and pretty aesthetics. But what can it do for you, business-wise? Here are just a few examples of how retail interior design impacts your business in surprising ways:

1) It showcases your brand image. What do you associate with your brand? What are some ideas that you want viewers to think about when they see anything related to your company? You’ll be surprised by how the environment and aesthetics can influence people’s minds. If you want to come off as professional to your customers, then you have to look the part, too. Use your interiors to present a certain image to your clients and consumers.

2) You can evolve with the times to appeal to the masses. Why do you think that you can see a festive decoration in any company in Singapore? Why do business owners constantly update their interiors? People like to see something fresh, new, and fun, and that includes the businesses they interact with. By changing it up and giving some thought to your designs, you attract new interest to your business.

3) It’s used as a marketing tool. Design as a marketing tool? There’s a reason why marketing can be considered a creative department. When you design interiors, exhibits, and more with extra care, you can lure in more interested people and get them talking about your work. Like any marketing tool, opening new spaces is a financial risk. Why not plan out your spaces carefully with the help of design principles?

4) You can make the jobs of your employees easier. Yes, proper interior design makes it easier for employees to do their jobs, but it can make it easier in other ways, too. Good retail interior design in Singapore does most of the work in attracting customers and holding their attention. They can also do their job of getting customers in the right mood for buying their products.

5) You can communicate your theme and ideas more effectively. A lot of people rely on visuals to absorb information. It’s not surprising that utilising design effectively can help you communicate your message effectively to whoever views it.

A closer look at the presence of commercial design


As the name suggests, commercial interior design is found almost everywhere that has to do with commercial establishments. Most of us would likely picture establishments like stores and restaurants, or perhaps even places like offices. While these may fall under the category of commercial design, there are other instances where you might want to contact a design company for assistance.

Here are other examples where you might see commercial designs.

1) Holiday or seasonal redecorations. When important events like New Year’s Eve are around the corner, you may start to see some businesses join in on the holiday spirit by completely redecorating their interiors. There might be some merit to hiring a festive decoration company to handle this task. A lot of consumers look forward to seeing how the festivities transform familiar companies into something new!

2) Pop-up stores. A lot of businesses do pop-ups for various reasons. Many of them use pop-ups as a way to test the market and see if there’s any interest in their products. Others use them to generate buzz about new products or new stores that may be making their debut. Either way, you’ll want to invest a lot of time, funding, and effort into making a pop up attract customers. After all, these stores won’t be around for long.

3) Museum exhibits. Yes, you read that right. Museums also invest a lot of money in exhibit services. Any museum exhibition design company has its work cut out for them. Their main job is to create beautiful setpieces that visitors can appreciate. They need to be highly artistic works that can stand the test of time and the stresses of thousands of visitors per day. They should also be able to preserve the pieces while on display.

4) Exhibits in conventions. The museum isn’t the only place where you can find exhibits. If a company were to join a convention or exhibition, they will be responsible for creating a booth that can attract onlookers. They will be able to enjoy the various attractions and other activities of the booth more if it was designed thoughtfully. Even temporary exhibition booths are painstakingly prepared and designed by companies. If significant planning and direction weren’t provided, they may likely lose out to competitors with more interesting booths.

5) Parties and other events. Another one-off event that you might not think needs great retail interior design are business parties. If you ever decide to throw an important party on behalf of your business, you could probably get away with simply decorating your venue. However, if you want to go the extra mile, then your commercial design is a must. Transforming an otherwise simple venue may be exactly what you need to pull it off.

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