Gastronomic Tour: Food Cities In The World

When we talk about traditional dishes, we immediately think of famous recipes representing your country’s cuisine. Suppose you don’t know some of them, no problem. We will indicate the coolest cities to go on a gastronomic tour and talk about some of the most iconic dishes in the world. Follow The International Kitchen and learn more.

We could stay here listing all the famous Italian foods we know without even having to search: lasagna, ravioli, cannelloni, tiramisu, and risotto, among others. In Rome, for example, visitors can go to the National Museum of Pasta and even try the most traditional recipes in charming restaurants in the alleys of the historic city.

Look for the establishments furthest away from the busy tourist spots like French Cooking Vacations to take your gastronomic tour. It’s the best tip for eating slowly and experiencing the best of Italian cuisine.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese cuisine is already part of Brazilians’ daily lives, but there’s nothing like having the gastronomic experience of seeing the most traditional chefs in the world handling their sharp knives and putting together the dishes. The method of preparation that Brazilians use is different from the Japanese. So go expecting to find something much more exotic than we are used to.

The dish should only be eaten with what is served, with no excess sauces or seasonings that are not part of the recipe. Tradition is like that, it has to be fulfilled, but it’s worth it, especially for fans of Japanese culture. Tokyo will enchant the culinary possibilities that the tourist finds and the city itself. It is a modern capital, with intense movement 24 hours a day. One hell of an adventure!

Paris, France

The most romantic capital in the world has spectacular scenery, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the Champs Elysée. 

But in addition to being home to the city of love, France is one of the best countries to go on a food tour. Every kind of food in France is prepared with care. The confectionery is famous for its icing, colorful macarons, and delicious fillings, such as the “éclair” called “bomba” by Brazilians. The wines are considered the finest in the world, and any sparkling wine that wants to be called Champagne must be made in the homonymous region in northeastern France.

French cheeses should also be included on your gastronomic tour of Paris, as well as crêpes and croissants. Tourists can enjoy the escargots in internationally awarded restaurants, which are snails cooked in butter!

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Many European countries produce excellent wines, and Spain is no different. In addition to the lively nightlife in Barcelona, your tour of Europe can be full of surprising Eno gastronomy experiences, but that’s not all.

Paella is widespread in Brazil, but in addition to this typical Spanish food, you can try pisto, a type of vegetable stew with red sauce that is excellent for cold weather. The croquetas, fried, filled dumplings, are very popular, and the pinchos are a huge success as a snack to eat while drinking a beer in the Barcelona summer.

Lima, Peru

A food tour in Lima, Peru, can be one of the most cost-effective experiences. Peruvian food is incredibly delicious and very cheap. The ceviche is great for happy hour. It is a fish marinated in citrus juice. The cui, a roasted guinea pig, may seem strange, but it is very popular in the country.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican food has also entered the international market with everything, luckily for us. The famous dishes and drinks we see in movies, like burritos, guacamole, and nachos, are accessible to Brazilians. Mexico City is incredible, especially for those who want to connect with the local culture. The rich cuisine favors the gastronomic tour of Mexico, but its natural beauties and history are also fascinating.