First Aid for life-threatening condition of shock

Sometimes people deal with minor injuries or illnesses without any help just using knowledge of Erste Hilfe Kurs München or search health care options via the Internet. They occur with simple actions to purchase. On the other hand, individuals may get serious injuries and they have to be prepared to perform properly. For this reason, malteser erste hilfe kurs München will be in great demand.

What is shock

Shock is a result of oxygen deprivation of organs. This is happening because of losing blood, a heart attack, vomiting, or after serious burns and bacterial infections. This type of life-threatening condition isn’t the same as having shock after an accident. 

These signs directly lead to shock:

  • The skin of the injured person is pale and cold
  • You occur that individual is sweating, his face is wet
  • The breathing isn’t normal, rather rapid
  • Dizziness and feeling sick is also occurs
  • The person wants to drink much liquid
  • Yawning and sighing is presented

If you encounter these signs, asking for help will be the next step.

How to provide care of the person with shock

Make sure that person is having shock. This serious condition appeals to strict acting to save time before the ambulance arrives. In other cases, it leads to a fatal ending. If shock is observed, you should:

  • ask for qualified help, call for an ambulance
  • trat any presented injuries by examining the body parts of the person
  • lie the injured person on the ground supporting his legs
  • grant comfortable conditions (cover a person with a blanket to keep him warm)
  • avoid giving food or water
  • get in touch with the injured person by asking about pain and personal details

Mind, if breathing is stopped – perform CPR and rescue breathing. In this case, re-allert ambulance right away to save time without making harm and provide security for the injured person.