What Is The Difference Between A Receipt And A Tax Invoice?

Many people often mistake receipts and tax invoices because of some of their similar characteristics. But there are a lot of distinctions between these two. Today’s discussion will be held on the difference between TEX invoices and receipt and also how to avail of them conveniently. So let’s start what a tax invoice is (ใบกํากับภาษี คือ, which is the term in Thai) and how it differs from a receipt (ใบเสร็จรับเงิน, term in Thai).

Difference Between Receipts And Tax Invoices

When it comes to making a tax invoice, you need to have the agency VAT registered. Without the registration of the company, the tax invoice will be held invalid. Whereas for issuing a receipt, you don’t have to be a VAT registered company at all.

A receipt is issued when the transaction gets completed by the customer. On the other hand, tax invoice informs the customers about their required payment and that the entire transaction process has some documentation for future references or uses. That is why many times, the agencies are with the tax invoices without even having the payment from the customer.

A receipt is given to the customers and has validity only when a standard amount is set by the marketers of any particular region. Whereas universally, no limit is set to issue a tax invoice. It is imperative to send to the customers irrespective of the transactions availed by them.

Tax invoices have a standard value in the court of law when any case related to finance goes. It thus holds great importance than receipts. With these distinctions, now it must be easier for you to check whether you have a tax invoice or receipt.

How To Get Them

Even after having these distinctions, you can avail of them from the same agency. Yes, if you want to make a standard Tax invoice or want a header and footer to update the receipts, then you can hire the same company. This is because both of them fall under the same family. If you search on online platforms, you can have every service related to finance with ease. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much if professionals make the tax invoice or receipt.

If you want to make the best of them without compromising with your working hours or any other important work for the business, hire expert professionals from a recognized agency.