How to Win Every Time You Play Connect 4?

Designed by Hasbro, Connect 4 is a board game inspired from the classic strategy game tic tac toe. But it is quite more difficult and requires more foresight. It is a multiplayer board game which is now available online. And the question is how to win every round? Truth is, that is almost impossible unless your opponent is not familiar to Connect 4. But the following tips and tricks will help you improve your chances to win more often.

Bet on the Center Box

A math genius surnamed Numberphile shared this almost infallible technique on YouTube. It is then the solution to win connect 4 online multiplayer every time. And contrary to what you might think, the recipe for success is within everyone’s reach. Indeed, this strategy does not require a doctorate in mathematics to be put into practice. And for good reason, you just have to place your first token… in the center of the grid to achieve victory. And now, voila! Well, not exactly. That is too simple and we all have done that many times but in general, it didn’t even work. This obviously implies that you do not subsequently make any mistakes in the placement of your other discs.

Always Anticipate

The other winning technique for Connect 4 is to always anticipate your opponent’s next moves. Keep in mind that it is a strategy games as others. So, do not be intimidated by the other players even if they seem used and good at it. Do not only focus on your won moves, also think about where are they going to place their tokens in order to beat you. If you want to win, you have to align 4 of your discs in a row but you also have to prevent your opponent from doing so.

Be even More Strategic

Connect 4 uses a board of 6 rows and 7 columns. And if you have not noticed it yet, know that you can connect 4 tokens from the center column diagonally or horizontally. Therefore, you need to control that column that is in the middle of the grid so that your opponent has difficulty to get a connect four. Moreover, never let them get the possibility to create a connect three with an open space on either side. Otherwise, they will win for sure. So, be careful and attack as soon as the other player make align 2 checkers in a row.