DMT and Cannabis: Two most prominent drugs in 2021

There is a conception that drugs should be used only for medical purposes or some recreational purposes. When drugs are used for things like self-improvement, they can look a little shady.

There has been various news regarding the use of drugs to boost the creative juices within. Some may use these drugs to make sense of their life while the whole media has made a notion that these drugs can solve every problem. These include shamanic healing through an amazonian medicine.


When DMT is consumed in high doses, it can cause an experience that is psychedelic. This compound is often found in the shrub, which goes by the name of chacruna used along with ayahuasca. The compound has been used by various celebrities who are considered as deep into the spiritual world.

Many people worldwide favor it, but it should not be used when actively working on something. It hinders working on something as it suppresses the adrenaline rush which drives most people when working.

To overall rate the drug out of 10, it can be rated both in pleasantness and productivity as a solid 8 by the consumers.
The DMT can also be gathered in the form of change which is a mixture of barks that are smokable. The dosage is difficult to maintain, but the drug’s effect can be considered pleasurable and, on further reviews, somewhat mild. It opens the doors to a world that is quite make-believe. It opens the creative pores in mind and, therefore, can cure creative blockage.


Cannabis is a widely consumed drug worldwide, and it makes a person distracted and somewhat tired when consumed. Even in small doses, its effect is still prominent. Microdosing this drug also makes one easily irritated, as shown by a recent study.

The person feels unproductive and lethargic. It is a drug that can be smoked or consumed as edible. The drug should not be consumed during working hours as it can make a person unproductive for a large portion of time. The silver lining to Cannabis is that it makes a person sleep like a baby. In a recent study, when a person consumed Cannabis in any form, it caused him to be distracted and yelling at his colleagues or other co-workers. Although the experience was pleasurable, there was a productivity decline more than usual.

To conclude, it was given a rating of 6.5 for experience and a mere 3 for productivity.