How have silk curtains made me a better salesperson?

I used to think I was a good salesperson. I had worked in the industry for a number of years and had developed a good reputation as an efficient and effective salesperson.

I found myself on the phone with one customer after another, trying to convince them that they needed silks in their home. But they weren’t buying it. They’d look at me with a blank faces and tell me they didn’t need any more silk curtains in their home.

Silk curtains are a great way:

Silk curtains are a great way to add a little luxury to your home. The sheen and shimmering nature of these curtains makes them perfect for any room in your home, from bedrooms and living rooms to dining rooms and family rooms.

Silk is a natural fiber that comes from the silkworm, which is native to Asia. Silkworms produce silk thread that can be woven into fabric with a variety of patterns and colors. The texture of silk is soft and smooth, making it perfect for use in window treatments.

Silk curtains are ideal for people looking for something different than traditional window treatments such as blinds or shades. They’re also popular among those who want to add some color or texture to their spaces without using up valuable floor space in their homes.

Silk curtains are a great way to add some glamour, style, and elegance to any room. They’re not just for formal rooms either — they can go in any room of your house. There are many different types of silk curtains available on the market today, from sheer ones that let light through, to heavier ones with a more opaque appearance.

When you buy silk curtains, you want them to be made from high-quality fabric that will last for years without fading or feeling rough against the skin. This is why people often choose to have their curtains sewn rather than made. Silk curtains are expensive due to the time and energy that goes into making them by hand. The higher quality you go with, the longer it will take for them to be made and finished properly.

Silk is also very difficult to dye because it’s so delicate and thin compared with other fabrics like cotton or polyester. Because of this, it can be difficult to find patterns that work well with your particular shade of silk because they won’t show up well in most fabrics or dyes used on average homes today.

Silk curtains are made of silk, a natural fiber that is light, strong and beautiful.

Uses of silk curtains:

Silk curtains are used in homes and offices to block out unwanted light and heat. They can also be hung as privacy screens or window treatments. The quality of silk is important to consider when purchasing your curtains. For example, high-quality silk curtains will have a smooth finish with no lumps or bumps. It’s crucial that you make sure your new curtains are made from high-quality materials so that they’ll last for years to come.

A lot of my customers were older men who had been in the company for years and years, so they had seen many salespeople come through the door before me, some of whom had been certified by the company or by another company that was associated with ours, so they expected me to get certified too.