A Guide Into Surf Clothing

Everybody loves the beach. The sun, the atmosphere, and the sea draw you in. It makes you want to dive into it. How else are you going to get a close-up fun adventure in the water? You do so by surfing, of course!

Surfing is fun and all, but it’s frustrating because you need to hone your skills. However, it is rewarding, and your brain recognizes it by giving you dopamine whenever you ride a wave!

Skills are not the only thing you need when you surf. You need surf clothing and equipment as well. You will learn more about surf clothing below, so read on!

What do surfers wear?

Going to the beach requires wearing swimwear. You don’t go to a beach in denim jeans because it’s uncomfortable and out of place.

While swimwear is the typical attire at the beach, it isn’t exactly fitting for surfing, but they’re tolerated most of the time.

However, accidents may happen, especially if you’re wearing strapless swimwear for surfing. Moreover, if you opt to wear swimming trunks, you’re bound to get some board rash.

This is why you should have appropriate surf clothing. Having the right clothing prevents accidents and injuries. They also allow you to move better.

Options for women

For women, you have the option to wear swimsuits with t-shirts or rash shirts. You have to make sure that your upper body is protected to avoid board rash.

A one-piece swimsuit that covers your stomach will help protect you from board rash. If you are surfing in cold water, a wetsuit will work best. Wetsuits are meant to insulate your body, so they are appropriate for cold-water surfing.

There are wetsuits with no swimmer’s bottoms, and there are full-length ones. You can choose which one would fit you best!

Options for men

Board shorts are ideal for male surfers because they are comfy and flexible. They dry quickly, are lightweight, and stretchable. What more do you need?

Another option is rash guards. It’s for both sexes.

They can be short- or long-sleeved, and they protect your upper body from the sun and rashes. For men with sensitive skin, they should wear rash guards rather than wearing board shorts alone.

T-shirts can be a cheaper alternative to rash guards. They might not have the same quality, but they’ll do in a pinch.

Male surfers can also wear wetsuits. Same with women, they are recommended for cold-water surfing.

Men can also wear swim jammers. Competitive swimmers usually wear jammers, but surfers usually wear them.

Some people use drysuits for surfing as well. However, you have to be wary of the drysuit you buy since most of them are built for kayaking or diving. They may hamper your surfing experience, but drysuits still have the advantage of being waterproof — unlike wetsuits.

At the end of the day, what you choose as your surf clothing should make you feel comfortable while wearing it. It should also keep you warm and rash-free.

More than that, it should allow you to experience the best surfing experience you can. Whether you’re still learning or already a pro, your surf attire play a big role in surfing. Look for one that suits your taste and makes you feel comfortable!