Car crash in Colorado Springs: Check the state laws here!

Serious crashes, rear-enders, and collisions are reported in Colorado Springs every year. While you can drive responsibly and cautiously, you cannot be answerable for actions of others. If you end up in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, you can file an injury lawsuit, as Colorado is a fault state. It is also wise to talk to one of car crash lawyers in Colorado Springs, who can guide on your rights. Just because you were injured doesn’t always imply a fat compensation. In this post, we are sharing some of the important laws related to car accidents in Colorado. 

Reporting car accidents

All car accidents and crashes in Colorado must be reported, if there was injury, death, or vehicle damage involved. This would practically cover almost every accident. You need to call the law enforcement agency from the accident site, or else, just report the accident to local sheriff’s office. Keep in mind that the police report is important for your car accident claim, if you decide to file one later. 

The statute of limitations

Colorado’s statute of limitations sets the deadline to file personal injury lawsuits after an accident. You have to file a lawsuit, if you intend to, within three years, against the at-fault driver. The counting starts from the date of accident. If you are just suing for property damage, the deadline remains the same. The statute of limitations allows two years, from the date of death, for wrongful death lawsuits. 

Modified comparative negligence

Colorado follows what is called the ‘modified comparative negligence’ rule. If you had a part role in causing the car crash, your settlement will be reduced by your fault in percentage. For example – If your fault is marked at 30%, and you were awarded $20,000 in settlement, you will eventually get $14,000 as the final settlement. If a driver’s share of fault is 50% or more, they cannot recover anything. 

Do you need an attorney?

The truth is insurance companies will do anything to minimize their liability. The claims adjuster will try to pin the blame on others, especially if they find the victim to be partly at fault. Hiring an attorney for your car accident claim is important, for having expertise on your side. Keep in mind that attorneys take car accident lawsuits on a contingency fee, so availing legal representation doesn’t come with a fat upfront fee. 

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