Camera Ready! 5 Ways We Prepared For Corporate Photo Shoot

Corporate photo shoots are also essential for the company’s marketing strategy. My company aims to hire more employees. And we want to make them look more professional and encouraging to work. So, the HR department decided to have a photoshoot that we could use for online job postings. We looked for models that look appropriate for the company’s marketing strategies. After this, we started planning for the photo and video production.

As we want to hire more people, here are the ways we prepared for the company photo shoot and made the results desirable! Learn some tips from my experience on how we make the corporate photo shoot successful.

Camera Ready! 5 Ways We Prepared For Corporate Photo Shoot

Company photo shoots are a way to make our marketing strategies more successful in encouraging job seekers to apply. We want to show that it’s fun to work at our company. Aside from competitive salaries and benefits, the work culture inside our company is more flexible and employee-friendly. It was traditional when employees had to stick with the struck 8 to 5 rule.

Here are the five ways we prepared for the corporate photo shoot.

1. Consulting the Photographer

Before the photoshoot, we consulted the photographer to find the angle, lighting, and other elements that could capture our intention. The photographer listened to our wants and needs. In return, the photographer suggested making the project more efficient in attracting job seekers to apply.

2. Prepare The Outfit

The HR team also helped prepare the outfit for the photo shoot and video production in Singapore. The theme is professionalism, and you can see the models wearing suits and ties. The female models wear professional attire for the photoshoot too. It shows people that it’s all about working together in a company.

3. Look For Stylist And Make-Up Artist

Of course, we want our models to look presentable, so we look for style and make-up artists to make them look professional. In doing so, they can look more pleasant in the eyes of job seekers. As we encourage more job seekers to apply, we can find the best candidate for the job position available in the company. We also did live streaming events to let them know the company was hiring.

4. Teaching The Models To Pose

We also taught the models to pose for the corporate photo shoot. We wanted them to achieve the theme of encouraging people to apply for the company. As we taught them how to pose, they would look less awkward in front of the camera. For this reason, they inspire other people to apply for the available positions.

5. Check The Equipment 

Most importantly, check the equipment for the photo shoot and corporate videography in Singapore, including the camera, lighting, and internet router. With this, I can have a continuous photoshoot process and make the final results more successful. For this reason, we also avoided delays affecting the entire project of hiring more employees.

We wanted to grow our company, so the team decided to have a corporate photo shoot to encourage more people to apply. Luckily, we partnered with Vivid Snaps Video Production, which helped us throughout the process.

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